was pre-new 52 wonder woman a Mary sue type of character

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Posted by darknightspideyfanboy (2618 posts) 2 years, 11 months ago

Poll: was pre-new 52 wonder woman a Mary sue type of character (12 votes)

yes 33%
no 67%

Mary sue-A female character who is so perfect that she is annoying that what i mean jut curious

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In stories I read that she was in, no.

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It depends on which runs you're considering; the runs where you see lots of Wonder Woman fans refer you to, when asking a good place to start, Wonder Woman is portrayed as a Mary Sue character; those runs are Perez, Rucka, and Simone. However, she's not portrayed as a Mary Sue character in the Messner-Loebs and John Byrne runs; the rest of the runs, post-crisis, are somewhere between these runs. Pre-crisis, she was not often portrayed as a Mary Sue character.

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@dshipp17: loebs and john are cappy runs.

perez,ruka and simone are great runs and she wasn't portrayed as a mary sue,she had flaws,her issues with the amazons and the human worlds,her issues with the gods specially ares and zeus,the way that her mision to bring peace to the world was doomed to failure because of humans self-destructive nature,her life wasn't a fary tale,but if you like like loebs and john runs,then obiously you won't like perez,ruka and simone.

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