To the Wonder Corvette! (part 2)

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As seems to be the case increasingly recently, I am talking about things in my blog which I have talked about before. Maybe I am running out of ideas, or just showing the limits of what actually interests me. In this case it is a sequel to a blog that I never thought I would have reason to visit again (part 1 here from 17 months ago.) In the original I pointed out how some superhero based toys are made which really look somewhat ridiculous except as I identified in the case of Wonder Woman, who got a regular looking car. As many know, one of my favourite periods of Wonder Woman was the mod girl phase, when she was depowered and was a female Bruce Lee, dressed all in white. I occasionally pick up a new issue which this version is in as she did a few cameos around the DC universe at the time. In this one she is in Europe when Bruce Wayne decides to drive his own car in a motor race (Iron Man 2 anyone?). His car looks ridiculous, hers looks ... normal!


Based on the actual toys following a similar format, it makes me wonder if there is something endemic to the characters that Batman (and other superheroes) gets a flashy and impractical abomination while Wonder Woman gets the neat looking one.

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