Titles You´d Give The Different Chapters Of A WW Movie Trilogy?

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Hey guys a fun discussion board. What title would you give each chapter of a Wonder Woman Trilogy. Bonus points if you can give a brief description why and what would happen in each chapter of the trilogy. Also what Wonder Woman series its inspired by.

Mine Would Be

Wonder Woman: The Amazing Amazon: Wonder Woman is introduced to the world after preventing Ares from plunging the world into all out war.

Wonder Woman 2: Paradise Lost: a rogue Amazon leads to a near conflict between Themyscira and United Nations by releasing the beast of Dooms Doorway. In the conflict Hippolyta is killed. After saving the day Wonder Woman decides to leave her duties as Amasador of Themyscira and as new Queen Of The Amazons; leaving behind The lasso of Truth and Sword Of Hafaestus, she just disappears.

Wonder Woman 3: Paradise Found The Hunters Moon: Wonder Woman is forced back into the world to take on a soldier designed by Vanessa Cail, and embued with unholy powers by Ares. A literal killing machine, who inspires hatred and fear from all it encounters. Meanwhile Themyscira has been taken over by the evil Alkyone who has turned it into a police state. WW will need to travel back to Themyscira to retrieve the one weapon capable of stopping this creature, The Lasso Of Truth. But will she be able to make it in time.

By the way anyone who hasn´t take a look at this petition I´m trying to organise. If you like the idea, please spread the word. http://www.comicvine.com/wonder-woman/29-2048/vote-for-ww-on-justice-league-battle-forum-make-sure-she-wins/92-749335/#49

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Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess

It's Raiders of the Lost Arc meets Superhero lore as Helena Sandsmark discovers an ancient relic thought only to be of mythological lore linked to the fall of Atlantis. When word of this reaches her benefactor. Barbra Minerva, Senior Director of R&D of Cale Industries, she makes a move to acquire the power of the artifact for herself in a powerful and brutal display, by way of the Cheetah.
ARGUS calls in Wonder Woman to handle the threat but the Cheetah escapes with the relic, leaving Wonder Woman and Argus with Cheetah-Turned civilians to contend with. While Wonder Woman contains the Cheetah-civilians Cale Pharmaceutical provides a cure for the Cheetah Virus, developed from the last time that Cheetah and Wonder Woman met.
Cassandra Sandsmark helps her mother, Helena, decipher incomplete text that were on companion artifacts to the relic, indication that there was a key to activate the power of the Relic. With this knowledge, Wonder Woman returns to the site where the relic was first uncovered to find Cheetah there along with the excavation workers Truned-Cheetah. An ARGUS team lead by Trevor arrives with the antidote for the Cheetah-Virus allowing Diana to contend with the Cheetah. A brutal, bloody, battle ensues and the Cheetah is defeated.
With the conflict over Diana takes Minerva to Themyscira to incarcerate her in the Demon Lair beyond Doom's Doorway, sighting that there is no other place on the planet that can hold the power of the Cheetah.
Veronica Cale takes the Relic to a one of the vaults of Cale Industries where she is met by a shadowy figure and after conversing for a bit the shadow is revealed to be Ares.
Intermingled throughout the story are flash backs to the origin of the Amazons from Wonder Woman #1 as well as her creation from clay and the blessings bestowed upon her to make her the most powerful woman on the planet.
Also the relationship between Steve and Diana will be marked upon.

Post credits we see a factory that appears to be mass producing replicas of the relic for an unknown purpose, Veronica Cale is present at the scene inquiring about the progress.

There might also be something foreshadowing the coming of the next villain here, perhaps the transformation of someone into a pig. Perhaps close the movie on the vault containing the relic and then we see an armed security guard making his rounds from one end of the screen to the other. When he is fully off screen perhaps a moment where he addresses someone to the tune of "Hey, You're not supposed to be here!" then the sounds of mystical zapping accented by a light show and the shadow of the security guy transforming. Then the scene of a pig running across the screen in the opposite direction of where the guard came from accompanied by some amused laughter.

Wonder Woman: Wanton Desire

The alarms of the Cale industries facility, last seen in chapter 1, are blazing with the alert of theft. Veronica Cale and a security team enter the Vault to find a well dressed and sassy woman of sophistication holding the relic in defiance of the security team's threatening advance, almost playfully inviting them to to their worst.
Cale orders her team to fire on the woman, but simultaneously the sassy stranger waves her hand, then the sound of heavy artillery crashes to the floor. Cale looks to the floor impressed but disapproving as her security team has been turned to swine. With arrogance the woman walks out of the vault leaving Cale rationally powerless to stop her. An instant later Cale rushes out of the vault to find the corridor empty but not without definitive clues to the identity of the thief, The impressed but disapproving expression overcomes Cale again.
Cale calls on ARGUS and Trevor answers with an investigative team that includes Etta Candy and they come to the conclusion that Helena Sandsmark may have more insight on what transpired after reviewing video logs. Sandsmark recounts the lore of Circe and her desire for power as perhaps the motive for the theft. Cale and the ARGUS team seek the aid of Wonder Woman to track down and retrieve the relic.
The ARGUS team accompanies Wonder Woman to the island of Aeaea after consulting with the Oracle of Themyscira to uncloak the veil that hides the islands existence much the same way the Themyscira is invisible to the world. There they find Circe casually waiting for them to arrive. Cassie had stowed away on board the ARGUS aircraft in hopes of seeing Themiscria in person. Upon landing on Aeaea Cassie left the ship after the ARGUS dismount only to be captured by a Minotaur and used by Circe as a bargaining chip to get Diana to yield to her demands.
The theft is revealed to be a ruse to get Wonder Woman to Aeaea where Circe's power is the strongest and lay claim to the lasso of truth so she could use it in conjunction with the relic to siphon off the godly blessings given to Diana upon creation and transfer them to herself giving her indomitable power to gain dominion over the planet or even the universe.
Somehow Wonder Woman wins the day, Circe disappears and the relic is lost.
As Wonder Woman and the ARGUS team leave the island Circe surfaces to watch them depart. she holds the relic in her hand and a shadowy figure emerges to claim it moments later to be revealed as Ares.
Post Credit we see Ares visit Cassie and give her a lasso and reveal her godly heritage. "Cassie I am your Father!" DUH DUNNNN DAAAAH.

Wonder Woman: War & Peace

Disturbing scenes of violence have been featured on every news station all over the world. Heroes in cities across the globe are sprinkled into the news cast trying provide relief for victims.
On the island of Themyscira an unseen power grasps at the gate sealing the Demon Lair on the other side of Doom's Doorway. The door flings open as if it were no heavier than paper and the hoards within attempt to spill out but are forced back, save one bloody and violent creature. . . the Cheetah.
In the states more news of violence and desperation creates a dismissible atmosphere in the background as Cassie starts to test her godly abilities and the lasso or perhaps she is on Themyscira and has spent time in the martial arts of the culture and perhaps other links to her pre-N52 development and the reaction to the fact that she is a Demigod.
At Argus Trevor is informed that they have found artifacts matching the description of the Relic in many of the hotspots around the world where violence is extreme. after acquiring one or two the analysis confirms that the the relics are generating radiation that is affecting the aggressive nature of people and creatures everywhere. ARGUS develops technology to track the signature of the relics but they have to traverse hostile environments in order to retrieve or destroy the relics. In addition they have to do this as covertly as possible to avoid multiple international incidents. Again, ARGUS enlists the aid of Wonder Woman who can get in and out with lighting speed. It is discovered that the original relic is the master key that has activated the replicas and that it would be faster to disengage the other if they could locate the original relic.
Wonder Woman and her team return to Aeaea where they meet with the Cheetah who kills most of the ARGUS team before they can even make a stand. Cassie is there as well and Cheetah abducts her leaving Steve, Etta and a couple of other ARGUS stragglers to attend to the dead and wounded. Wonder Woman leaves after Cheetah at lightning speeds to find her in a large area like chamber with Circe and a hand full of Minotaurs, Cassie unconscious , bound and dangling from her own rope.
The plan is revealed that Cheetah and Circe were agents of Ares from before the time of the relics discovery but they tried to use the relic's power to tier own benefit to no avail as Wonder Woman would always seem to get the best of them. blah blah blah.
Diana makes short work of the Minotaurs but is greatly taxed by Cheetah's offense and keeping the line on so many assailants proved to be almost too much to handle. Throwing one of them into Cassie's dangling body sets her free and before Cheetah can deliver the death knell to Wonder Woman Cassie knocks Minerva out of commission and into the next room.
Circe has gone apparently into a portal that leads to the realm of the gods and Diana follows. On the other side Circe is nowhere to be found but in her stead is Ares and the final battle ensues. A direct translation of events from Wonder Woman #6, from the fight to Ares revelation about not having a world or universe to rule just about sums up this whole mess.
Veronica Cale is threatened by ARGUS and other Government agencies for her involvement in not only supplying replicas of the Relic but also benefiting from the sale of arms to the aggressors on both sided of conflicts that escalated throughout the world.
Cassie is acknowledged as Wonder Girl and returns to her training on Themyscira. Steve and Diana decide to maintain a platonic relationship. Cheetah is transferred to a new Maximum security facility funded by the United Nations where she's strolled down the corridor to be seen by other super-villains of the DCU as she goes to her first one on one therapy meeting with Edgar Cizko (Dr. Psycho).

Post Credits: Circe appears to Veronica Cale in her skyscraper Cale Industries office to discuss matters to lead up to Villainy Inc.

I don't know if this is any good but it was fun to plot out.:) no body wanted to bust my balls on the spelling of "WONTON" huh?

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I am not sure if they would use Paradise Lost.

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Wonder Woman does Dallas

Wonder Woman does America

Wonder Woman does the World!

it's an overarching trilogy

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@danhimself: lol I'd buy that for a Dollar

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@jphulk26: chapter 1,WONDER WOMAN:THE LEGENDARY AMAZON:after the reborn souls of countless women,they have a peaceful life in the island created by the godess era,50 years later,a new soul is born,diana hypolita's daugther,but she isn't like the other amazons,she is much more,and suddenly everyone realizes that,the princess quickly surpasses the limits of any other amazon showing her potential as the greatest warrior to ever walk on earth,when war world 2 arrives,the amazons have the mission to help the mortals,after winning a tournament against her mother's will,diana sets off to the mortal world,many things await for her,the discovery of love,the fight for good,the attempt to understand new points of views,the pain,treason,a world that needs her to be the greatest legend,the one that will face the nazi forces when they become something more way above the human capabilities,the world needs her to be wonder woman.

chapter 2:THE WARRIOR VS THE WAR:after her mission in the mortal world was over,diana had to leave her love and friends and returned to paradise island where she had her normal life as an amazon again;67 years has passed since world war two,and ares god of war possessed by ambition wants to rule the gods world and the mortal world,he traps the gods into limbo and begins to spread violence throughout the world consuming human race and slowly turning the world into a battlefield,the gods manage to send diana a message,she must get back to the mortal world and stop ares,there she'll find old and new friends,and new enemies,she'll find that humans still have a lot to learn,as she sees the catastrophes of the modern world,between all the human issues and ares,she try her best to establish a life with her new mortal friends,and with julia and vanessa,she finds a second home,she starts to work as an speial agent,using this job to try to find ares,and meeting good friends,evan trevor(steve's son) and cassy haminton,they will prove to be good friend in difficult times,diana starts living two lives,diana prince,and the heroine that must face ares,but to stop a god,an inmortal being,she'll need more than her own power,she needs the power to kill inmortal beings,and she'll have to face countless challenges to prove she deserves the power.

chapter 3:THE SORCRESS AND THE AMAZON:diana is allowed to stay in the mortal world,now the peace is back and she has a normal life with her loved ones,but circe the sorceress goddess,comes to take diana's power,circe wants her power to kill inmortal beings to destroy the gods and take control of both worlds,circe plays dirty and she hurts a lot of inoccent people including diana's friend to do the work for her,taking advantage of diana's compassion,whatever it takes to take diana's power,after so many fights diana defeats the sorceress,but it's not over,circe almost leaves evan in the edge of death,she could have killed him easely,but she didn't,she leaves him almost dead on purpose,doctors can't save him,so diana gives him some of her blood,saving his life,but this is seen as a sacrilege by zeus and other gods,because diana was blessed by the gods and she gave some of her blood to a mortal,so circe takes advantage of the rage from some of the gods,and she combines her power with the other gods putting a curse on diana,blocking her powers and leaving her as a mortal,now diana must find a way to break the curse and recover her powers and stop these gods that had an idea,turn back time,back to Ancient Greece and Rome and rule the world all over again,diana,her mortal friends,hera,athena,hermes and the other goddesses must stop the rest of the pantheon,and new secrets from diana's life will be revealed along the way.

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The Steve Trevor Trilogy

Wonder Woman 1: The Hang Over

Wonder Woman 2: Mother Of The Bride

Wonder Woman 3: Married With Demi-Children

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@jphulk26: lol

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Wonder Woman: Blood

Wonder Woman: Guts

Wonder Woman: Gore

They have to make a movie adaptation of Brian Azzerelo's AMAZING run

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@RazzaTazz said:

I am not sure if they would use Paradise Lost.

@RazzaTazz: why?

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@jphulk26: The associations with the other work of fiction called that.

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@RazzaTazz: Yep, but you do know that apart from Milton´s Paradise Lost, which I´ve had the pleasure of reading, they actually named a Wonder Woman Jimminez graphic novel Paradise Lost. Although, and this is true believe it or not, I had the idea to call a WW story Paradise Lost and and P Found before I heard of the Jimminez graphic. Apparently John Milton´s is alot better than Jimminez´s Paradise Lost, so I´ve heard. :)

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@russia599:said They have to make a movie adaptation of Brian Azzerelo's AMAZING run God I hope not.

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@Press Oblivion: Man I totally forgot about this thread. Good stuff, but where´s her origin story?

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Wow. Hulk impressed.

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  1. Wonder Woman Begins
  2. The Amazonian
  3. The Amazonian Rises


  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Wonder Woman Returns
  3. Wonder Woman "Forever" or ": Bracelets of Amazonium" or ": Woman of Clay"

Now that that is out of my system: Honestly, I like Paradise Lost: but I'm sure there is a lawsuit waiting to happen, can't imagine it is not reserved by some copy-write troll...

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@jphulk26 said:

@Press Oblivion: Man I totally forgot about this thread. Good stuff, but where´s her origin story?

I'm not really sure. This was just a rambling of thoughts. I imagine that Ares, posing as a Janitor in the Museum or University where Helena sometimes compiles her findings, is having a conversation with Cassy about the decades he's worked there. The topic flips to Cassy questioning where Wonder Woman had come from and the Janitor recounts the Perez tale from Wonder Woman #1 in flashback short hand. Cass is enthralled by the story and asks where she could find out more, that she's been Wonder Woman's biggest fan since she arrived in the public eye and had never heard of the story not even a rumor. Ares remarks that there is no written word or whispered lore that can bear a greater truth than his life's experience.

I would gloss over the whole plane crash landing on Paradise Island and the Bullets & Bracelets tournament, as I feel that people might know that pretty well form other sources and it doesn't really need to be retold in great detail again. It also saves that material for a Wonder Woman Origins prequel where you can really delve into and flesh out every detail in a movie project that's just dedicated to this portion of Diana's story, kind of like Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans.

Also I made mention that Cheetah and Wonder Woman have met before and that Cale Pharmaceuticals provides a cure for the Cheetah Virus. The second prequel might visit their first encounter. I think the X-men series of films really sets a nice president for how to expound on a movie franchise.

@TheHulk said:

Wow. Hulk impressed.

agreed, @danhimself: does write a compelling response.

@drgnx said:

  1. Wonder Woman Begins
  2. The Amazonian
  3. The Amazonian Rises


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Okay, Okay...I'm weak...can't resist

The Lady of Truth:
1) Fellowship of the Tiara!
2) The Two Bracelets!
3) Return of the Princess/Goddess/Gods!


The Amazon:
1) The Unexpected Labour!
2) The Desolation of War!
3) To "The Other Side" and Back Again!

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