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Forgive if I missed a thread along this line, but I was wondering if anyone had an idea who the new Fury will be? I was looking at her and from the tidbits we have received, I wondered if she would be the New 52's Donna Troy. It would explain her not showing up in any titles. It would also fit similarly with past history in which she was kidnapped and raised away from Amazons. That most recent image with her brandishing the whip brings to mind her with a red lasso. Cannot wait to see who Fury is. And wether or not we will get Donna back into comics. What do you all think?

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That would be cool! Guess we'll find out in a couple of months, issue 8 is supposed to be the big reveal.

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Based on the last podcast of James Robinson in comicvine, the clues point to Fury being the daughter of Wonder Woman like in the old earth 2. Fury was probably kidnapped by Steppenwolf and trained by Granny Goodness. Fury basically has the same powers as Wonder Woman and both can't fly. Fury could also be a clone of Wonder Woman.

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Oh, I haven't listened to the Podcast yet . . . will do that now. :)

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I will have to do the same. I would rather it be Donna than another 'child of' from Earth 2.

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Donna Troy on earth 2 is as unlikely was Wally West on earth 2. I am sure James Robinson is concentrating on the former justice society characters and old golden age characters that dc has allowed him to use. So far, many characters have been put on main earth such as Black Canary, Michael Holt, Vandal Savage the former Alan Scott villain, Shade the former Jay Garrick villain, Spectre, Stargirl, etc. My suggestion is just be consistent and also reboot all of the old justice society characters on main earth too. I prefer main earth to have a complete set of the old justice society characters. So far, earth 2 is just a partial shadow of the old justice society stuff since many characters are off limits to James Robinson and I don't really find earth 2 that relevant post-Flashpoint.

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