Should she change her hair color?

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Her hair color always been raven black since day one. They did this so because they felt she would be taken more "serious" than a blonde super hero.

What color would you change her hair to and how would this change in hair color come about.

How it changes color:

She get a dyed job



against her will

because of something that happen to her.

gift from the gods

curse from the gods

result of a bet


Color it should change to:

Blonde, brown, strawberry blonde, etc. No crazy color please!

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i like her with black hair.

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She pretends to be a redhead to understand the struggle of gingers, bringing her and Artemis closer

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She's such an iconic character that changing her hair is probably a bad idea. People freak out when she gets pants, and that's a natural change (what person wears the same outfit for over seventy years), whereas hair color is something we're born with.

For that reason, if she was going to change it, it should absolutely have something to do with the Gods, either as a sign of reward or punishment. Story should always come first, and that would be the most compelling story.

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That seems like a pointless change

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Should batman grow a mustache? Should Superman be bald?

Yeah, didn't think so. They would be the same as Wondy not having black hair anymore.

She does and can have variation in style and cut. She has already had curly and straight hair. She used to have her tiara bind her hair back, now it's free-flowing. I would even accept a short-haired Diana. Just keep her black hair colour. We have enough blond and redheaded superheroines anyway.

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She actually did have short hair for a brief period in the Rucka run. I can't remember now why she got it cut, but it was short for a few issues then eventually grew back and that was the end of it. It was no where near as legendary as the Superman Mullet of the 90s.

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