Notice that Aphrodite hasn't shown up yet

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So far in Azzarello's run, Aphrodite has yet to appear. Note that she was very important to the mythos in the Golden/Silver Age. There hasn't even been a pun(ny) reference to her as Love, like how Apollo is Sun.

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Aphrodite actually did appear.
It's Athena who hasn't appeared yet.

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@Izaiah: when did aphrodite appear? that naked chick with long hair?

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@jointron33: She appeared first in Wonder Woman #9 and then in #13 and #14. It is Athena who hasn't appeared yet in the New 52.

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I think she was the naked chick with the long hair.
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Yes she has definitely been there, I remember her in a discussion about the marriage to Hades.  

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yup its the naked woman

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New 52 is bollacks. Real WW fans hate it.

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@jphulk26: RazzaTazz (a mod) is a huge Wonder Woman fan (she did review every single issue of WW of all the previous series) and she enjoys it quite a bit.

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@jphulk26: It's actually extremely good. It's managed to bring in new Wonder Woman readers such as myself and make them care about the character. It's definitely one of the better DC titles out now.

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@Shutdown: Well then she doesn´t understand the mythology. I don´t mind as long as the changes aren´t perminent. But I´d love to write a superman where Jor-el tell superman, "sorry all this time you´ve actually been from Neptune, and I´m not you father, in fact you are the son of Ghandi who is also from Neptune" You don´t just change characters mythologies, especially if it makes no desernable difference to your story. If he wanted to write Xena in The City, he could have come up with his own comic, and I´d be fine with it. I like Azzerrello´s Joker. Why? because it deepened the character, but was still guided by the Batman mythos. He´s not even a Wonder Woman fan, which is the worse part for me. He openly admits he never read much before. So all her great villains, all her great supporting cast, which they had an opportunity to introduce to new readers are just being ignored. Its bullshit and any self respecting fan of WW would not read this trash.

@MatKrenz: You don´t care about the character, because that isn´t the character. Its a good story, but its not a Wonder Woman story and Wonder Woman was much better written by writers like Gail Simone and Greg Rucka, they made her bad ass while keeping to the fundamentals of the WW story. So enjoy, but you ain´t reading Wonder Woman. Forgodsake she´s barely even a Superhero in it, where are her Supervillains? where´s Dr. Psycho, Alkyone, Ares or Cheetah? where are they. a hero has always been defined by their villains, their supporting cast and what they fight for? This is just some angry chic with daddy issues. Interesting but not Wonder Woman.

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@jphulk26: Who's "she"? If you're talking about

And though Wonder Woman's mythology has been changed, it isn't that far fetched at all and actually it has made a discernible difference to the story as that is what the whole story has been about. It has reintroduced the Greek pantheon which has been an integral part of Wonder Woman's history. And sure her villains and supporting cast were great in the DCU (pre New 52), but that still hasn't been bringing in new fans. Azzarello most likely realised this and thus tried something new, which has worked out so far. Also as several users have said on a variety of different threads, it is called the New 52 for a reason. It wasn't just a cheap gimmick to increase sales. It was to reboot the DC universe and to a certain extent, reinvent characters and concepts. It makes sense to focus on the magical side of Wonder Woman first. Batman has most of the street level and psychological villains and the urban setting and Superman has most of the higher level metahuman threats and focuses mostly on Metropolis and also space. Wonder Woman as part of the Trinity should have her own part of the DCU, the magical part as it has been an integral part of her character.

And it's only been just over a year. I'm sure most of he pre New 52 supporting cast and villains will be introduced. In fact Cheetah, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Ares have been introduced.

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@jphulk26: I enjoy it quite a bit.

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@Shutdown: @Shutdown said:


And it's only been just over a year. I'm sure most of he pre New 52 supporting cast and villains will be introduced. In fact Cheetah, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Ares have been introduced.

What? Not in Azzerrellos run. In justice League you mean? Look I really don´t care about this book, I hopè you enjoy, but its crap. I just hope sometime soon they bring back the far superior original origin story. As for this stuff with the Greek Pantheon and that being her place, WW´s villains were very unique, and had many different shades so thats just nonsense. The reason WW comics didn´t sell before is not because it wasn´t working, its cause it wasn´t marketed properly. Wheres her animated TV series? her films? or her TV shows? wheres her stand alone graphic novels? or overarching Justice League storyline with one of her major villains? Please don´t talk crap. New 52 WW has been marketed properly as has all of the New 52 series, that is the only reason her comic is selling better now and to people who clearly don´t give a crap about the character. i´m sorry to say, and sound harsh. But anyway enjoy.

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