Nothing is wrong with Wonder Woman.

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With the recent news of the CW passing the show "Amazon" (the "Smallville" for Wonder Woman), ign has reposted an article "The Trouble with Wonder Woman". Of course i didn't read it because it is two years old, and Wonder Woman in the comics is really getting some spotlight. But, Wonder Woman doesn't need to be on TV. Sure the Lynda Carter series was what really made WW mainstream. But Adam West's "Batman", made Batman mainstream, and the same can be said for Christopher Reeve and Superman.

What WB should do, is focus on a Wonder Woman movie. Sometimes, we are met with poor excuses saying that she is "hard" to interpret into a movie. The 2009 Wonder Woman movie was really good, and it got a 86% freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes. That is proof that a WW movie can be successfully done. I wouldn't even mind if they use the 2009 scrip for the live action movie.

However, if they do choose to make a WW tv series, it should be a mature animated show on the CW. Not only should it have an animated WW show, but I would like to see mature animated shows like Batman, Superman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Teen Titans etc.

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You should read that article on the problem with Wonder Woman because I have and he makes a fair argument.

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To those who want to read that article its here.

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1. Movies all change the costume for the movies as seen in Batman movie costumes. 2. Paradise island can also be done right if you let the amazons have advanced science so paradise island being hidden is more believable. Another way is to transform the amazons into something like female freemasons or female League of Shadows and amazons can be normal humans or can also have more advanced science to explain the extra Captain America power levels. 3. There are a few movies with successful female leads and even Matrix had a believable female kung fu expert with a little bit of extra powers. Can do a Wonder Woman like a ninja movie or kung fu movie also. 4. Better go with a lesser known actress.

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@Skewer said:

You should read that article on the problem with Wonder Woman because I have and he makes a fair argument.

I've read it. He does make some good points, but it wont be that hard to pull off.

Costume: Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman outfit doesn't look ridiculous in my opinion. Basically because Cliff doesn't draw her for over sexualized, but draws her as a warrior. But, my overall costume choice is her Earth 2 version. It mixes her amazon armor, with her iconic outfit, which works perfectly.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Themyscira: The island and its residents, the amazons, will be of course warriors. Instead of making them ignorant about the outside world, they would be very well educated about it. Viewing the outside world as a great society, but slowly being consumed by chaos and hate. Wanting a champion to help defend the world.

Female Lead: A female lead can work. Kill Bill and many other movies, have kick ass females. Showing Wonder Woman as a powerful kick ass warrior, should work.

The Brass: Then of course we need an director who can make it right. I would nominate Lauren Montgomery, but how would she translate to a live action movie. But overall, we need a director who takes Wonder Woman seriously enough, and views her as a person on par with Batman and Superman.

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I don't think enough focus is put on the whole not a straight white male lead as the damning evidence that a Wonder Woman movie would not be enough of a financial success to be green-lit in the first place. It's the same reason that Marvel continues to ignore the very concept of a Black Panther movie. Every other problematic element of Wonder Woman is absolutely trivial in the face of the crippling reality of demographics.

Making something of quality is simple compared to justifying it to the wider audience that funds it.

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Author of the articule has good points and is right about the costume, but there are ways to keep those elements of her and have it still be good for the GP. Paradise Island or the Amazons other than WW herself should not be in the first WW film. Instead have it focus on her reaction to Man's World and the people she meets. The Amazon distrust or some would say hatred of men should be toned down a lot or dont have it at all. It is annoying and would discourage male viewers. It was the onething that I hated About the cartoon film. Also as her film series progresses have her get more like an American woman in personality like geting her nails done or shopping or go from talking very formal to informal. Also in the last movie have her marry her love intersest. (Not Superman or anyother hero) This will get her a Happy ending.

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If we're going with costumes for the live action:

This but with the new 52 colors and top, belt, boots, bracelets, etc.

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I'm starting to fear that DC/Warner is off on the wrong foot and is starting to pursue the following line of thought : "How can we make Wonder Woman, dark, gritty, relatable, grounded in reality, dark, gritty, filled with nothing but self-doubt, angst, dark, grit and nothing like the comic version except for barely evolving tantalizing hints for the fans and keep the finaly satisfactory reveal for the last three seconds of the very last episode, while keeping it dark and gritty ..."

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Dudes they are never going to make a Wonder Woman movie:

Stakes are high for “Man of Steel.” Other than Nolan’s Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. Its 2011 “Green Lantern” underperformed, and a “Justice League” film wouldn’t likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner’s top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of “Man of Steel,” which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.

Above is a quote from Variety:

Basically if Man of Steel fails like Green Lantern did you can kiss that pipe dream goodbye.

If they do a Wonder Woman film it should be a direct translation of Perez/Wien Wonder Woman #1. It's brilliant and it's Definitive Wonder Woman.

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Why can't the amazons be hidden with Magic? Or be just another private, elusive tribe that people know little about. People would still have to respect their privacy.

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a mature animated show is what they should do first,pick a good run like perez run and adapt it into an animated series(but avoid some PIS moments,inconsistencies)that would do her good.

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