New 52 story so far

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Can someone please give me a brief on the story so far

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@comicbookfan93: basically a human named Zola had a child with Zeus. And some of the Gods are mad. And Wonder Woman's protected the baby. Apparently there is a prophesy that the baby will kill a god and take the Olympian throne.

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@comicbookfan93: Now the First Born of Zeus and Hera came back to kill everyone and Wonder Woman and Orion are about to stop him.

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Hera is now powerless and is now protected by WW and Orion. First born decides to kill the gang and all of New Earth. Orion saves the gang via boom tube. WW hangs out in New Genesis for a while, gets more involved with Orion (not romantically) but then the gang goes back to stop First Born from destroying London.

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wonder woman origin has been change too from being made from clay to being the child of Zeus

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And her clay origin was made up to protect Diana from Hera.

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But that plan went horribly wrong as Diana feels betrayed and leaves P. Island, never to return. But she comes back to seek forgiveness only to find the place overrun with snakes and her mother turned to stone by jealous Hera.

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Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is a story all about how

My lore got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute

(Forget before)

And I'll tell you how I became the new God of War


In west Themyscaria born and raised

With the Amazons (where I wasn't made out of clay)

Chillin' out maxin' with Ares my trainer

Disappointed with mercy (he's such a complainer)


When a couple of Gods who were up to no good

Started making babies in my neighborhood

I got in one little fight and my mom got mad

"You're movin' to the man's world to hide from the wife of your Dad"


I begged and pleaded and then I got p*ssed

But she was already a statue and my sisters just hissed

I changed up my costume and added a sword

I looked for a scabbard but quickly got bored


I met up with Hermes and when he came near

He handed me a baby and said "look after this dear"

Hera (my mother) gonna kill this kid dead

Then the first born attacked me, something wrong in his head


I took on all comers became a Superman dater

Impaled my old teacher "Yo Ares smell ya later!"

I forgot my own character

Peace is stuff to ignore

While I sit on my throne as the new God of War...

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Yep, that is pretty much it.

Wonder Woman, god of war, the female champion her creator envisioned to rival male heroes while still being a lady with grace, faith and the weapon of truth(whatever that means... magic sword)!

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