is wonder woman treared poorly?

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i'm a fan of the character since a long time,but i think that she is treated like b list character.

her power level is very inconsistent,because some writters make her powerful,but other writters let her be beaten by a guy with cloroform,poison ivy,or btman in a melee fight.

they never let her do important things for the DC universe,not the way that superman and batman do,and most of the time,when they are around,she is just the helper,and many time the writters use her as a punching bag while superman and batman get the spotlight,and do the important job.

her villans are treated like they are nothing,they let all the street level characters beat all of wonder woman's rogue gallery.

and the new events that will start in DC,probaby everything will stay the same,they'll make her be just the helper of superman and batman,and make her look bad,while they do the important job.

how can she be taken seriously,and gain more readers,if they treat her so bad?,it seems that DC doesn't care,they never promote her as much as superman and batman,not even close,after 71 years and just a T series from 30 years ago,an animated movie and just a comic for month,WOW! so much promotion for the most iconic female(sarcasm),and in comics they even let her be humiliated by many street level character,and they make her rogue gallery look like a joke.

so what do you think?,do you have hope for her and her villans in the new 52,or will everything stay the same?,will they keep treating her villians like a helper,a punching bag,humiliated most of the time?,will they keep treating her villans like the weakest and useless foes than even a normal human can humiliate?,i don't what what to think,what do you think?.

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