Is pre-52 Wonder Woman a Super Amazon

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By that I mean compared to the other Amazon warriors how far does Wonder Woman differ in strength in comparison to them I use to think that Amazonian's were just very highly trained warriors, and the wonder woman in my mind said that it was the gear that Dianna used to give her these abilities, also they flew around on pegasus's during war against ares telling me they couldn't fly so my question simply is wonder woman a super amazon or is it the gear that she wears mainly the suit that gives her these abilities.

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Amazons are highly skilled warriors, who also have enhanced abilities. Diana was made from clay and blessed by the gods...

Demeter gave her strength and power of Earth itself

Aphrodite made her beautiful and gave her a loving heart

Athena granted her with wisdom

Artemis gave her the eye of the hunter and unity with the beasts

Hestia gave her sisterhood with fire that opens men's hearts to her

Hermes gave her speed and the power of flight

She is much faster, and stronger than any amazon. In a way Wonder Woman is a super amazon.

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In the past it was as lilben42 says; the gods granted her abilities that were above those of her sisters.

Marston originally had it to only be Aphrodite that blessed Diana with some abilities, others she got through being very good at adapting the Amazons training regime (where normal girls and women could become superhuman by adopting the correct attitude) and finally a few abilities came from items.

Perez made it 6 gods blessing Diana from the get go.

And finally Azzarello has turned her into a demigoddess that's achieved flight after Hermes threw a feather at her.

So as for Diana being a super Amazons, thats mostly Marstons version.

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Pre-52 wonder woman is very good at all

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@outside_85: the blessings from the gods origin started in the 60s way before perez.

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I'd call it just a bunch of confused inconsistencies that came with different writers. Marston portrayed Diana as willing a contest; as a result, Diana should not be considered a super amazon. Messer-Loebs, with his contest story arc, portrayed Diana in her intended spirit, but we had writers like Byrne, Rucka, and Simone that made her appear to be super amazon, seemingly to spite the Messner-Loebs run, although all writers after Messner-Loebs appears to have had the goal of spiting Messner-Loebs' run; maybe JMS/Hester paid tribute to Marston and Messner-Loebs; so, that's why most Wonder Woman fans seem to like Perez, Rucka, and Simone specifically, even though those writers probably were most responsible for exaggerating her power level and giving a misleading impression of Messner-Loebs' run in specific and making Wonder Woman appear as super amazon.

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@dshipp17: exaggerating wonder woman's power level?,excuse me?,have you read origianl wonder woman run written by marston himself?,in his run wonder woman was strong enough to stop speeding trains,outrun cars and move so fast that humans couldn't see her around them when she was moving at super speed,so durable that she took sun beams,lightnings,nuclear bombs,even survied falling from the stratosphere like it was nothing,marston wonder woman also showed to have super breath and she even showed to be capable of destroying a container just by grinding her teeth repeatedly,and don't make me start with other feats even bigger,like wonder woman moving the moon,and moving the sun,all of that also happended in the 40s during her original run,did you see wonder woman doing strength feats like that in perez,ruka or simone run?,NO,so actually she had more power in the 40s when she first came out than nowdays.

and by the way,the blessings from the gods,strength from hercules,speed from hermes,etc,came in the 60s,way before perez's run.

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