If WW had her own City what would you call it?

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Now as many of you know I´m writing a Wonder Woman script which is now nearing it completion?

As I´ve alway maintained there is nothing wrong with WW´s mythology, it is as timeless as Superman or Batmans. Thematically coherent and could be modernized with ease, I decided to prove that, by using Gods And Mortals, Maulton Marstons run, Ruckas Run and Simones run and reading through nearly all runs, studying Greek Mythology, as well as, closely studying stories of the heroes journey, to write my own WW story. Its taken time, and I´ve been delighted at times frustrated at others, but I really like the take I´ve given Princess Diana. She´s modern, smart, sweet, and best of all an absolute demon when it comes to kicking evil doers asses. So, I´ve updated some key Rogues of hers giving them a modern twist, her supporting cast making them psychologically more robust and believable, her mythology while intact has been given a darker edgier feel to it, made sense of that pesky invisible jet (which I always thought could be a good source of humor) I´ve even given her a secret lair, I´ve found away to explain nearly all her supervillains powers, (characters like Dr. Psycho who I love, but wad never really gave explaination for her powers) in fact the only problem I have is that I think one of the wonderful thing about Superhero mythologies is characters who have their own city. Cities that some how reflect them, their struggle, their mythology. Now WW has half of that in Paradise Island and Themyscira, but where the problem lyes, is her not having her own city that she goes to.

Like Superman going from Smallville to Metropolis. Metropolis is the Big City, the city of the future. Actually for those who don´t know named after Fitz Langs film of the same name. Its wonderful iconic and one of the reasons I believe Superman has the most complete modern mythology of any fictional character.

Then there´s of course Gotham, another fantastic creation. A dark underworld of shadows, inhabited by demons, and creatures of the night.

Both suit the purposes of the titular hero so well.

Now from what I know the only fictional City Wonder Woman was ever given was Gateway City. Which when you first here it, doesn´t sound that sexy, or give away its character straight away, but actually thinking of WW mythology is not that bad. I started to think of it as the Gate Way to mans world. I started to try and give that a character that would fit Wonder Woman´s character and by and large I have. If Metropolis is Utopia, Gotham the underworld, for me Gateway City had to be Purgatory. A place that shows the great hopes and aspirations of humanity, but exposes some of our deepest failures and weaknesses. Its a political town. Kind of a Washington DC, Boston and New York mixed together. There is where the Themysciran Embassy is placed and where Wonder Woman becomes ambassador of peace to Patriachs World. But the truth is, as much as I tried to justify it, I still wanted something sexier. Something more punchy. I especially wanted a place that didn´t rely on having the postfix city after it. Something that gave away some of its identity in its name, like Paradise Island, Gotham or Smallville. Its been killing me, so I thought I´d open it up to conversation, see what you guys think. What would you call Wonder Woman´s City? What would you imagine it to be like? and why? how would it fit in thematically with Gotham, and Metropolis? and most important of all how would it fit WW´s mythology? Just wanting to bounce off ideas.

(By the way guys to pay someone to draw up a comic version for me, so let me know if you´re interested and we can talk)

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Themyscira ..oh wait ... Themyscira City!


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Grass is green; the girls are pretty, call it Paradise City in keeping with Paradise Island.

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Larissa City

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She has DC already. You could call it Capital City. I prefer Themyscira over Paradise Island and Washington DC over Capital City though.

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@citizenbane: You mean drop Paradise Island and just have Themyscira? and then call her city Paradise City? Interesting, is that what you mean?

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boobtown? maybe

or wonderville

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I would call it...Wonder Land!

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Wonder wity :D

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@jphulk26: You know Metropolis is actually a real place. Just saying... Anyway I kind of like Paradise city. Just wondering are you making a script for fun or do you have a plan for it.

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@lilben42: Metropolis, is not a real place dude. The word means a big sprawling city, cultural centre. I think you got confused there? But just to humor you, where is Metropolis.

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@jphulk26: Metroplis, Illinois I think I read something about that.

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@lilben42: @thegreyoutcastx: OK I see, but I thought you meant somewhere that existed before Superman, that the writers based Metropolis on, or stole the name from. Its still technically a fictional city. I mean if someone decides to dedicate a town to Gotham, thats all well and good, but its still a creation first that has had such a cultural impact that they make it into a real place.

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Crook Avenue

CORRUPTIA And 5th Street - The Wall Street of her city



EMBACIDINA? = Where UN and other political organisations stay.

GLAMORADO Valley? = Or rich neighourhood in HER city where all celebrities live.

Or Glamor Valley

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I always kind of liked that Wonder Woman tended to operate in real cities - it makes sense for her character. Batman is inherently tied to his city. Superman, too (though perhaps a bit less so). But Wonder Woman is an international ambassador. Her adventures could happen anywhere in the world, so it might feel weird if she's going from speaking in D.C. to a U.N. meeting in N.Y., then suddenly going to some made up place to sleep. Themiscyra is all she needs as a kind of imaginary home base.

If she must have her own city, though, it should probably somehow embody peace and/or nature. Maybe "Dove City," or "Charity." Or it could just play on the notion of a Greek city in the U.S., something like "New Athens."

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As Diana is an ambassador to man's world, and a princess of a sovereign (if secret) nation, it would make sense for her star spangled butt to operate in Washington D.C. However, there's only so many close misses to national monuments, or direct hits and rebuilds, that can happen, before it becomes unbelievable.

I think previous suggestions of something like "Athens," "New Athens," or "Paradise" make sense. I know that when I moved from my home state, chain stores became my friends, because they were a touchstone to home, so it seems logical that leaving home for the first time, she might search for something that bears a hint of familiarity to it.

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welcome back jphulk26!.

i would call her city paradise city.

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Loading Video...

@citizenbane: yup that what i would call it lol

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Why doesn't she have her own city?

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Why doesn't she have her own city?

I assume it's because when she was created it made sense for her to be in D.C. - since she was here to help with the war effort and all. Once the origin was established it would be hard to introduce a fictional city later.

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@gokuwarrior: Thanks. Still just part-time for now. But I´m close to finishing this script. Next I´m paying someone to make a comic of it. I really have stayed true to Gods and Mortals and the original Marston vision. I´m really proud of what I´ve done so far. Ares is a monster, a beast, evil like we´ve never seen it before, I´ve updated one other WW villian as the secondary villian who is now is one sick mamajama and as for Diana, well she´s a bit like ET, if he was a warrior and could kick all types of ass...

For now I´ve stuck with Gate Way City.

Once I get someone to illustrate the comic, I will be putting a couple of panels up for viewing by comicvine, see what you guys think.

But my mission continues, I will prove DC wrong, and Azzerello wrong, about Diana. She should be right up there, standing proud amongst Supes and Bats, their equal, not some after thought. And although Azz has changed stuff and made an interesting comic, he´s destroyed everything that made our Diana wonderful.

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I was fond of her in Gateway City

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I like Gateway City or Athens. She really deserves her own city to operate out of.

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