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If I were writing/directing a Wonder Woman animated series, it would look a little something like this.


Perez era Amazons and gods for Season 1

Diana can fly, but the invisible jet appears later in the season, used by Steve

Steve Trevor is the love interest of the series

Diana is the wide eyed, naive immigrant that Perez wrote her as, not the triggerhappy numbskull that Geoff Johns thinks she is.

NOOOOOO Diana Prince, but the Wonder Spin is used

NOOOOOOO Kangas......ever.........at all.............they are retarded

Her costume during "the Contest" is the Flashpoint armor, her costume when she comes to America is a regal toga/dress version of her classic costume. Her battle armor is the Cliff Chiang armor, and her regular superhero costume is the New 52 design, but with a skirt and no choker.

Supporting characters

Steve Trevor: love interest

Etta Candy: chubby military comic relief, works with Steve

Col. Darnell: Steve's superior, essentially the Gordon or Perry White for Wonder Woman

Myndi Mayer: A gossip publicist who wants to be Wonder Woman's public relations manager. Is friends with Lois Lane, Vicki Vale, and Cat Grant

Julia Kapetellis: Widowed Greek American woman who was friends with Steve's mother Diana. She lets Diana stay with her and her daughter when she comes to Man's world.

Nessie Kapetellis: Julia's young teenage. She is shy and does not have much confidence in herself until befriending Diana.

Helena Sandsmark: Famous Archaeologist woman who meets Diana, she once worked with British archaeologist Barbara Minerva

Cassie Sandsmark: Helena's daughter, who goes to school with Nessie and is very much the opposite of her, being outgoing and spunky.

I Ching: Once a well known martial artist, who has now retired and opened a clothing store specializing in 1970s mod era fashion.

Queen Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazons and the mother of Wonder Woman, she reluctantly sends her daughter to Man's World to face the growing threat of Ares.

Philipus: Hippolyta's trusted second in command, who would give her life for the queen.

Aleeka: Red headed Amazon who has a somewhat hostile relationship with Diana

Orana: Aleeka's biological sister, she is initially considered to go to Man's World. Is jealous of Diana

Greek Pantheon: Various roles

The big baddy of Season 1 is Ares, but several other threats and enemies await Diana

Cheetah: Barbara Minerva is the heir to the Minerva treasure fortune, and a famed archaeologist. She is eventually revealed by Wonder Woman to be nothing more than a grave robber, and as her revenge, makes a pact with a dark nature goddess Urzkartaga to become the powerful Cheetah. She is just as strong as Diana, as well as much faster, agile, and resilient to weaponry.

Chuma: Minerva's servant, leads her to the forest where she meets Urtzkartaga.

Silver Swan: Valerie Beaudry is a classmate of Nessie and Cassie's who gets picked on and bullied due to her intense shyness and social strangeness. She soon meets a man online, who eventually is revealed to be more than what he lets on, turning her into the deadly cyborg Silver Swan, a weapon to be used for HIS benefit.

Decay: A vile rotting monster sent by Ares to combat Diana, her touch can instantly kill mortals.

Deimos and Phobos: The "Moons of Mar", Ares' son. These two are essentially Ares' "dragons".

Earl of Greed/Duke of Deception: Political corrupters sent by Ares to help create an environment of war.

Eris/Strife: Ares' wacky, modern looking sister, known for her golden apples.

Paula Von Gunther: A racist descended from a WW2 Nazi who she is named after, she causes havoc in DC.

Doctor Psycho: A disgusting, sexist, perverse and psychic powered dwarf, he mentally assaults women.

Aegis: A greek terrorist, who is empowered by Ares and used to further wreak havoc on a global scale.

Centaurs and other Greco-Roman monsters

The tone of the series would be a slightly more serious version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It would have a serious, somewhat gritty tone, but with some lighthearted elements and fun, adventure, and epic nature.

The series would deal with complex issues such as sexism, racism, feeling like a fish out of water, "model minorites", bullying, gang violence, and suicide(Nessie's friend who kills herself).

Season 2 would become much darker, introducing Doctor Cyber, Doctor Poison, a "Human Centipede" esque Red Centipede, Giganta, Veronica Cale (who will have been somewhat introduced in Season 1), Circe, Queen Clea, Cyborgirl, Devastation, Nubia, Artemis, and the Bana Migdhall. The Bana would be a central plot in the season, as well as the Greek gods questioning their place in a modern world that even with Wonder Woman, still sees them as antiquity. The Chiang god designs would then be introduced, with the season ending in an amalgamation of the Azzarello run and War of the Gods.

Also introduced would be several other DC heroes, such as Superman, Batman, and the Justice League. There would also be a story arc featuring Wonder Woman teaming up with Black Canary, Vixen, Supergirl, Batgirl, Zatana, and Katana. Tom Tresser, Trevor Barnes, Checkmate, and Argus also appear.

The 3rd and final season involves the fallout of the War of the Gods, with Hippolyta questioning whether or not her daughter should stay in Man's World. Thus, the "Artemis as WW arc" begins, ending after 8 episodes with Artemis dying. During this arc, Diana is aided by an old friend, Donna Troy, who is a daughter of Cronus trained by the Amazons, essentially a good version of Devastation. Steve and Diana grow closer, and Steve consoles Diana after the death of Artemis. Minor villains such as Mouse Man, Blue Snowman, and Egg Fu appear, with Cheetah, Circe, Ares, and all of the "Doctors"(Psycho, Cyber, Poison) reappearing. Learning of Cassie's divine paternity, Diana elects her as her sidekick Wonder Girl, greatly upsetting Nessie, who is turned into the new Silver Swan. Lennox and Zola appear, in a variation of the "Baby Zeke/First Born" arc, with Ares now seemingly good and depressed over his wasted existence reveling in war. Diana meets the New Gods, namely the obnoxious Orion, as she and the League fight off an invasion from Apokolips, and she becomes good friends with Big Barda. She later teams up with Icon and Rocket in Dakota against Holocaust and the Blood Syndicate, and helps the WildCat Zealot fight against Daemonites. Having begun dating Diana and Steve are now seemingly inseparable, however, the final arc features a variation of the "Odyssey" arc, with Diana being trapped in an alternate dimension. Upon escaping, Diana proposes to Steve. The final two episodes entails their wedding, and one last battle that Diana and Cheetah have before she and Steve can officially tie the knot. The series ends with Diana flying Steve to their honeymoon sweet on Mt. Olympus.

But wait..........what about Egg Fu??????!!!?!!!!!?!?!??!??!!?!?!....................................................

..................................lol wut

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