Guess what this artist thinks?

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The title says it all here is the pic:

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I think that this artist is say that Diana is overshadowed by the boys, and this pairing with Superman is not helping.

What do you think?

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@darkman61288: i think they are not good together,but oh well.

i better be azzarello wonder woman on that image because johns wonder woman is a bicth who would crush those girls for talking trash behind her back,LOL!.

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@darkman61288:they don't have chemistry and she is dating johns WW,who is portrayed as a bitch,way out of her true character,so it's even harder to understand why he would be like her,the way she is poprtrayed in JL,i don't think superman would date a woman like that,if at least they tried to portray her properly,it'd be better,they don't respect the true personality of her character.

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This is sad.

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@gokuwarrior: I don't think they would have good chemistry even with Diana's old personality. The problem for me is that they were too similar. That almost always agreed on everything other than the Maxwell Lord thing. Them together looked like the stereotypical married couple that looks alike , dresses alike , and acts alike. With Lois, you have a woman who has similarities to Clark but some differences that made the romance entertaining like her spitfireness,etc. Same reason I like her with Bats, some similarities but with some differences.

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I never understand the haters and their complaints about Supes and WW hooking up. Why not? They are young, attractive, powerful. You all keep thinking these two are like the pre new 52 versions. They are not.

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