Did you see my new pumpkin carving for 2011?

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Oh this looks fantastic!

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Wow. great job!
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Divine carving

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THIS IS FANTASTIC! I have seen quite a few of these but my cousin carved mostly Pirates of the Caribbean. Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp...etc. But this, matches up with my other cousin who gets her nails done. She definitely had Wonder Woman nails for Comic-Con, Super Man for the fourth of July... Let's just say her nails are usually always brilliant, much like this pumpkin! :D

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amber your gorgeous and talented.

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Wow. That's a very nice WW made from a tough medium.

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Holy autumnal vegetation, Batman!  That's a truly amazing piece of pumpkin art!  But... how can you make it last till Halloween??

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That is amazing, some mod should get this featured on the main page ...
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Thank you so much, everyone!!

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Wow it's awesome!

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This is awesome I wish I could carve pumpkins like that. I love carving pumpkins.

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Holy Shitoli! I love it.
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That's fantastic. How'd you do it? Must've taken forever

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how the hell did you do such and amazing piece of art

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That is awesome! 

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My tutorial is here: http://www.amberunmasked.com/2011-wonder-woman-pumpkin-carving-tutorial/

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@Amber said:

My tutorial is here: http://www.amberunmasked.com/2011-wonder-woman-pumpkin-carving-tutorial/

Wow, I'm impressed.

I've always wanted to do a intricate jack-o-lantern so I'll definitely check this out.

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Pumpkin Carving, Cool

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That is great.
Mad skills indeed.

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I never learned how to carve a pumpkin, might end up learning to do something like this

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that's really impresive

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Awesome! That was really good.

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O_O This is amazing!

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@RazzaTazz said:

That is amazing, some mod should get this featured on the main page ...

You ask and you shall receive :)

Wow, that is really good!

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Hmmm. Talented artist is Talented. XP

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