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A "very special issue" revealing the tale of Lucy Spears, young friend of Vanessa Kapatelis that took her own life.

George Perez and Mindy Newell write out a story that deals with the issues of teen suicide.

A priest at a funeral speaks about Lucy Spears, young friend of Vanessa Kapatelis. Mr and Mrs. Spears sob together, while Vanessa’s mother, Julia comforts her and Diana wipes her own tears away. It’s unfortunate that someone so young had wanted to take their life away. Lucy’s casket is later carried out and Vanessa says good bye to her friend. Julia watches and asks if Vanessa is too young for this. Diana replies with a question, asking if anyone is too old for this. Julia says that Vanessa had lost a brother when she was younger and never knew him. Julia scorns herself for her dig at Turkey. Diana says that she shouldn’t scorn herself over this. Perhaps it was herself that was selfish, making her own way over to Turkey. Julia says that she puts too much upon herself, and that she is glad that Diana came over to visit her. Julia remembers the day that she received the message about Vanessa. The team at Turkey had found a chalice and asked for Dr. Stavros Christadoulodou’s help because she had told Diana to rest after the evens of the Silver Swan. Then, she received the message.

Julia comes back to present time where she’s driving Diana, Vanessa and Eileen to the cemetery, following the hearse. Vanessa remembers when Lucy asked her what God looked like. Vanessa replies jokingly that he would look like Patrick Swayze and that she would look like Jennifer Grey, proving that God does like flat-chested women! Lucy told her to stop obsessing over breasts when Vanessa told her to stop obsessing over God and death. Vanessa had asked Lucy, “What is with you nowadays?” Now, Vanessa realises what was really with her. Vanessa then thinks about the day Lucy got caught raiding the boy’s bunks at camp. Vanessa was reassuring her that nothing too bad would happen. It would just be a small lecture and it would be over, but Vanessa had never realised what Lucy’s parents were really like. The group finally arrives at the cemetery where the priest begins to speak about Lucy. Vanessa looks over at Lucy’s other friends and remember the day when Vanessa asked about their plans after school. Lucy had bit back though, paying her out about playing with her Wonder Woman dolls. Lucy told her that they were too young to be playing dolls in junior high. Vanessa was hurt and ran off in the other direction. Lucy had told her new found friends that Vanessa liked to stuff tissue paper down her top, and upon hearing this, Eileen told Lucy that she had no right to hurt others just because she was hurt inside herself. Lucy’s new friends asked what that meant, but Lucy ignored it. Eileen went to console Vanessa, and told her that she shouldn’t be so upset. It’s just one quarrel, and there’s no doubt that the both of them will be friends again. Vanessa however, told Eileen to get away from her. Vanessa tells Eileen that she never realised all this. She never realised how lonely Lucy must have been. Eileen says that Vanessa is not to blame for this.

Julia and Diana look on to the two girls and Diana says that the both of them will definitely help each other out through these tough times. Julia talks about Diana being strong in this as well. She remembers when Diana had flown Julia all the way home so she could be with her daughter. Diana remembers when she visited her mother to ask about Lucy’s death. Hippolyta replied that being lonely is like a disease; it’s hard to deal with. They cannot ask for help, and they can’t hear it either. Diana replies that Lucy didn’t seem lonely, she was happy and vibrant. Hippolyta replies that perhaps Lucy was hiding her true feelings. Diana thinks to herself, and wonders if there was anything she could do to save her friend. Julia asks herself why Lucy had done this. It has hurt Vanessa deeply. Her grades are falling, and she’s rude to both students and teachers. She sits alone at lunchtime. The principal suggests taking Vanessa to a psychiatrist. The burial service comes to a close and Vanessa goes to hug Mr. and Mrs. Spears who are standing alone, over their daughter’s grave. Julia then remembers the day how things had changed when she had gone over to Mr. and Mrs. Spears’ house after Lucy’s death.

Mrs. Spears had yelled at Vanessa, saying that it was her fault. Vanessa started crying and ran towards the car. Julia had yelled back at Mrs. Spears, lecturing her for yelling at Vanessa and putting the blame on her. Mr. Spears had come out and told them to leave before he would call the police. Later that day, Eileen had come to visit Vanessa. Julia then regretted shouting at the Spears. Diana told her that she was simply angry and was only protecting Vanessa. Upstairs, Eileen was trying to convince Vanessa that it wasn’t her fault. It was Lucy who had the problems. Vanessa asks Eileen how she knows all this, and Eileen replies that she’s been through all this. Vanessa wonders how she had not seen this, and she scorns herself for being a terrible friend. Eileen hugs her and tells her that it is not her fault at all.

Diana then went to visit Lucy’s parents by herself. Mr. Spears told her to leave and should think that Vanessa’s lucky for not being brought up on murder charges. Mrs. Spears then appears and told him to stop being so rude. She apologises for his and hers behaviour from before and invites Wonder Woman into the house. Mrs. Spears brings Diana upstairs to Lucy’s room and she is shocked to see this entire Wonder Woman memorabilia. Mrs. Spears explains that Lucy was jealous of Vanessa because she had a Wonder Woman doll where Lucy had wanted that exact same one, but they had refused to buy her one. She explains that they told Lucy she was too old for dolls, and that if Vanessa had the real thing at her house, then surely, a doll wouldn’t hurt. If they loved her, they would’ve understood. The both of them loved their daughter and would do anything to make her happy. They let her enter beauty pageants. Lucy’s parents didn’t like them because they thought they were degrading, but Lucy said this money won would help her will college. They themselves should have realised what was happened. She was getting A’s in school, and she had wanted to become a beauty queen as well. Mrs. Spears explains that she never goes near the garage anymore because it was her keys that Lucy used to start the car while the garage door was closed.

Wonder Woman then bids them farewell and tells them that they have to fight through this and that they should never give up. The Spears thank her for her kindness and ask her to apologise on their behalf for Vanessa earlier.

Back at present day, Vanessa offers Mr. and Mrs. Spears a photograph with a chalk drawing of her and Lucy. Vanessa asks them for their forgiveness and Mrs. Spears hugs Vanessa, telling her that they know she loved Lucy as much as they did.

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