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Totally Cool!

There's plenty of excitement in this issue as Wonder Woman battles a mythical serpent AND Power Girl, both influenced by the evil and dastardly creepy sons of Ares. What's more, Princess Diana finally has the chance to visit one of her best friends, Etta Candy, after her recent defeat at the hands of Genocide. Both the narrative by Wonder Woman and the dialogue between the women is so absolutely dead on for both characters and allows them to be realistically portrayed. I love it! While it isn't explained why Power Girl is in Washington DC in the first place, and the children of Ares are almost as similar to another Wonder Woman villain, Devastation, as the before mentioned Genocide, but I'm curious to see if these young tykes have what it takes to bring down the Amazing Amazon. I'm also interested at the relationship between Wonder Woman and Power Girl, there seems to be a possible rivalry between the super heroines, so hopefully it will be explored next issue. The writing of Gail Simone, the art of Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan, with the colors of Bret Anderson, have me reading this over and over - it was that much fun! 
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