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Wonder Woman & Black Canary -- Together Again!

What a great opening to this story as Diana begins to contemplate her actions from last issue and her future! Wonder Woman's gorilla allies are wonderful, but I was disappointed that Black Canary wasn't able to afford better advice concerning Diana's current predicament. Diana and Dinah have a long standing friendship and working relationship, I was stunned that Canary came off so ... annoying. Girl talk is one thing, but when a best friend has some serious issues, it's not always appropriate to cover up with humor (although there are some definite funny moments in this issue).

The new leader of the Amazons and Olympians, Achilles, finds his new subjects unwilling to cooperate, but an interesting development occurs when he turns to Wonder Woman foe and renegade Amazon, Alkyone, and ask her to -- well read the book. Meanwhile another Wonder Woman enemy, Dr. Psycho, is orchestrating tournament matches between metahumans -- wait, huh?! Considering Psycho's twisted background, this venture hardly seems like the mad man's style, but perhaps readers will discover his true motivation next issue. Although it seems doubtful that Psycho will be the ultimate threat to Diana when you see the final page. Again, read the book.

This was fun, seeing Wonder Woman and Black Canary team up, but I would have loved a little bit more serious of a discussion with the humor not so out of place. Other minor moments, like Diana's conversation with the polar bears, the invisible jet finally in use, Black Canary's defeat of her cage match opponent without the use of her Canary Cry, and a brief mention of the problems among the Justice League members helped cement my happiness when I closed this comic. I'm also looking forward to Diana's explanation to Nemesis as to whether she does or does not love him. Already excited for issue #35!

~ Hype

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