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Hermes and Diana ( Wonder Woman) are flying above Boston and questions why Man can create such great cities yet create their own destruction. Hermes tells her not to judge too harshly, as Diana was put on Earth to put an end to Ares' mad plans.

At the Hanscom Air Force Base Hospital, General Hillary and Etta Candy demand to see Steve Trevor as one of the night nurses saw Trevor in a bed, having no idea how he got there and had wounds, but he was clearly healing. They reach the room in which Trevor is staying in, and see General Tolliver. He explains that Trevor is put under arrest as he did not return the Phantom Jet and he is a suspect under the murder of General Kohler.

Meanwhile, Hermes and Diana are to meet someone who will mentor and guide Diana through Man's World. Hermes also gives her Mad Harmonia's Talisman and tells her that he cannot help her from now on. In the campus library, Dr. Julia Kapatelis is seen reaching for a book on the top shelf on a ladder. She misses the reach and falls back, but Diana catches her. Kapatelis thanks her and Diana asks her if she is alright, but Kapatelis cannot understand her. Diana, frustrated that Kapatelis cannot understand her, reaches out for the Talisman and shows her. Kapatelis is amazed by this, as she has not seen this kind of artifact before. She reaches to touch it, and images of warrior women, whispering voices and a golden kiss and yet despite all that, there is hope. Then in a second it is gone as Diana stares blankly at her. She is knocked out on the floor, she wants to find out who Diana is, and believes the Talisman is the key to it. Diana still cannot understand Kapatelis and tells her in broken Greek, that she will help her as a smiling Diana replies "Please call me Diana."

Meanwhile, Phobos is watching on and is not happy about it. His brother, Deimos would take time to create a plan, but Phobos wishes to attack when the moment is just right. He walks to the giant, beating heart of Gorgon and removes a mass of flesh from it, blowing on it and creating a small statue. Deimos is somewhere in America, where he is making a speech.

Back in Boston, Diana is getting used to the bustling noise of traffic and honking horns. Kapatelis assures Diana that she will get used to it. Later that night at Hansom air base, Tolliver is questioning Trevor and tells him that he cannot remember anything after the plane went down. Tolliver asks him to remember harder, and Trevor remembers being attacked by his co-pilot, spotting an island and being saved from a strange woman he had never seen before. Tolliver then tells Trevor that with Kohler dead, no one else can prove it. Trevor, confused, questions this when the nurse comes in with a syringe. Before the nurse can insert it, Trevor knocks her out, claiming that she had filled the syringe with air, hoping to block his blood vessels. Tolliver then punches Trevor exclaiming that their plan has come too far to be interfered with. Steve pushes Tolliver across the room and the guard comes in. Trevor then pushes him out of the way and is shot by Tolliver just as he was about to escape.

At the same moment, Vanessa Kapatelis answers the door when a delivery man comes in, saying that a package has come for Julia. She opens the package and there is the small statue.

Etta Candy is in shock as she hears what happens. Colonel Michaelis explains that Trevor is accused of murdering a guard during his escape. Etta is stunned by this and goes into the bathroom as a hand reaches out from the curtain and covers her mouth and she discovers that it is Steve. He explains that people are out to get him, and to not believe a word they say.

Deimos is somewhere Russia where he is making a speech, the same as before, but to a Russian audience.

Diana and Julia finally arrive home, with Diana carrying a large pile of books - Julia cannot believe what strength this woman has. As Vanessa comes down from upstairs, she comments on Diana's costume. Diana is surprised to find such a young woman on Man's World. Julia tells Vanessa that Diana will be staying for a while, but Vanessa doesn't seem too happy about it, asking "... a little while?" Julia explains that she needs to teach Diana English so that she can decipher the Talisman and an agitated Vanessa stomps back upstairs. Julia aplogises for Vanessa's behaviour, as she is not usually like this.

Julia and Diana are in the study room at midnight, and Julia is shocked by how fast Diana can learn the basics in English. Then, the small statue's eyes begin to glow. Vanessa screams as Decay appears and sees Vanessa aged from Decay's touch. Diana warns Julia not to touch Decay and tells Diana come and feel her touch. Diana refuses and Decay unleashes her demon breath blast above Diana's and Julia's heads as the room begins to collapse on top of them.

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