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With swords in your hands

This is a tricky series at the moment.  When things develop which are initially seemingly poorly conceived the writer turns around in the following issue and gives them more strength and bearing.  An excellent example of this is the battle with Orion and the interaction with Milan.  Once Milan's special gift (and curse) is revealed it fits into the overall story much better than I could have imagined.  And so while the action with the First Born seems irrelevant and even out of context for the story as a whole, it does give me some hope that it will be turned into something worthwhile and interesting.  The search for Zola's baby has intensified as well here from the perspective of the reader as Milan's revelation is more surprising than what was previously being led up to.  This issue gets a bit more momentum back into the series after a sequence of issues which while well executed, did not advance the story as much. 

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