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Falling Fast

John Byrne is a talented enough writer but it seems here like he is suffering a little from not having done his research.  In the previous issue we saw the reintroduction of Decay and she is wreaking havoc on Gateway City here.  Except this really is Decay, not just one of the constructs.  Most of the issue is Cassie trying to stop her until Diana (in one of the poorest displays of babysitting ever) finally realizes she is gone.  Diana shows up to save the day.  I felt that Decay was not handled very well though, in that Cassie fought her to a standstill most of the issue in her second appearance as Wonder Girl.  This was the character that almost killed Vanessa, Diana and all of Boston.  This could have been better written for sure, and again the art is not where it should be because Byrne is pulling double duty.  

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