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What follows is my review of the Wolverine Anime from over on AnimeVice. It is based on Subs of the Japanese release. I thought that I should post this over here .


 Also this is my first full series review, normally I just do single episodes, so constructive criticism would be welcome
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Wolverine is a show that on an episode by episode basis isn’t too bad but when you look at it as a whole you begin to notice how much of a terrible mess it is. This is a saddening fact because there are moments where the show is actually exciting; for example, the first moments of the first episode have Wolverine take a barrage of bullets to the face and chest only for him to jump five-ish meters off of a boat to kill a half dozen guys wearing jet-packs.

Sadly this is also one of the four or five more exciting parts of the whole show. The main problem that Wolverine has is its plotting, which for a show that’s main plot boils down to the age old “save the princess” is quite a feat, you see a simple premise for a show can be a good thing. It allows you to develop the characters into interesting people by letting them reflect on the events that occur to them. Wolverine however avoids this by killing off all but one of it’s supporting cast by the end of the show, hell it kills off Omega Red twice.

 The current art style.      
 The current art style.      
So the plot isn’t anything to write home about and the characters aren’t even worthy of a MTV Award but the action is good right? Well this is where Wolverine stings the most. If this was a review of the first episode and the first episode alone then I’d be saying how the sword fight between Yakuza boss Shingen Yashida and Logan are legitimately cool especially the parts where Logan gets his ass handed to him so when he decides to pop his claws it is awesome. The problem however is the show takes a drastic downturn after that first episode. All of the other meaningful confrontations in the show are either too long winded, the first Omega Red fight takes place over three episodes, or they defy any logic. You see when someone says, “describe Wolverine” you say a member of the X-Men who has metal claws, regenerates his wounds and says bub a lot. In the show Wolverine’s claws are unable to cut most of the enemy’s weapons or armour. Now if you don’t know Adamantium in Marvel’s fiction is supposed to be the hardest metal known to man so when Logan can’t cut a chain-mail vest you just have to say “really? That’s all you could think of?” Now I can see why you would do something like that, it creates drama and makes us wonder “is this it for Logan?” the problem is they do this for every major fight so it looses all of its tension.

When the first trailer for Wolverine came out in 2009 comic book fans cried out in rage at the vastly different Logan who fought some kind of demon thing with his long hair that had a streak of silver in it. Well shame on you instead we got a tension-less show that is uninteresting to watch both for fans of Anime and fans of comic books. (2 out of 5)
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Agreed completely, the Iron Man Anime was also lack-lust.

Not expecting much from the X-Men one.

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