The voice of Wolverine

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I'm just kind of curious as to who people think had the best Wolverine voice over the years? I'll add more voices if I remember or if some people have mentions from games that I might have not played.

Cathal J (Cal) Dodd X-Men TAS

Hugh Jackman (not a VA but is now ingrained with the character)

Mark Hamill

Steve Blum, the official voice for Wolverine for awhile now.

Scott Mcneil from X-Men Evolution.

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i like them all they brought something good to the role. idk if i have a favorite.

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What I want to know is, do any of these sound Canadian? Also does any of the voices of Superman sound like he's from Kansas?

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I guess personally I'd say Scott Mcneil but Blum has done as his voice for the few years he has been doing so.

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Scott Mcneil was the best, then Steve Blum and then Mark Hamill. Though any time I hear Steve Blum VA'ing him, I think more so of Spike, Mugen and a few other chars he's voiced, rather than Wolverine.

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Scott McNeil

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Cal Dodd without question

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Steve Blum

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@Selinaky said:

Steve Blum

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Steve Blum

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Cal Dodd w/o a question. Steve blum is good though, but Cal is the best

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@TheCannon said:

@Selinaky said:

Steve Blum

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Steve "THE MAN" Blum!!!!!

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@Jonny_Anonymous: What does Canadian sound like?

Cathal Dodd gets my vote

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I like Steve

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Steve Blum, because his voice has been every ba character in existence.

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Steve Blum his voice is perfect for him.

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@Ms. Omega said:

Steve Blum his voice is perfect for him.
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Steve Blum BUB.

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I gotta go with Cal Dodd for sentimentality's sake.

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Cathal J (Cal) Dodd X-Men TAS

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Blum all the way!!

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Scott McNeil, easily. I never liked the 90s version.

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Jackman...sry but to me Blum was the worst sounds like he is constantly straining.

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Steve Blum and Cal Dodd are pretty even.

I personally prefer Steve Blum though.

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Spike Spiegel..... I mean Steve Blum.....

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Cal Dodd.

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steve blum

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