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Old Man Logan was a great story, and I wish it had a sequel, so I brain stormed an idea. It could be called Old Man Logan: Web of Truth, and it could go something like this:

Logan and baby Bruce travel to Osborn city, controlled by Norman Osborn, and while Logan is walking past Osborn Towers, he sees a familiar looking figure looking up at the building, and Logan starts to walk over toward the man, but the man runs away, and Logan loses sight of him in an alleyway. Logan sniffs the air and catches whiff of the trail and follows it to a small shack and enters, where he finds the mind and he turns the man around to reveal that its Peter Parker, miraculously alive! Then the first issue could end there. The next issue Logan asks Peter how he's alive, but Peter silences him, and leads him to a special door in the floor, which leads them to a secret under ground headquarters, where a few other figures are. Peter explains that this is the New New Avengers, and they've been making secret plans to take down Osborn all these years, but they needed to stay low, keep quiet, and make an effective plan against Osborn. Then Peter explains how they all survived the massacre. Peter survived because the villains actually killed Kaine instead of Peter, and Peter managed to warn a few other people in the super community, like Johnny Storm (he survived because the android Human Torch was killed instead of him), Kurt Wagner, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and more. Logan can briefly tell how he survived, and that he killed the Red Skull and the Hulk Gang, and Peter could ask Logan to join their team. That's my idea so far, tell me if it's good or bad.

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Interesting. But doesn't corelate to the first one really. Emma, BlackBolt, Doom etc. would certainly be important parts of the sequel. Logan would probably go there first to free them.

Also about the 'New new Avengers'- The Spiderman cop-out could work, but it'd be really cheap.

The Human Torch Cop-out would be way too cheesy.

Though it is a pretty interesting, if you feel like typing out the rest of your ideas for it in a reply I'd be sure to read it :)

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I like it, I always thought if they made a sequel they should stick to Logan and a few new recruits to keep the focus on Old Man Logan, instead of Old Men Avengers, but your Idea is good as well and I would read it if you have something written out for it like a fanfic or something

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Somethings are better just leaving you wanting more.

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@mewmdude77: I dunno Spider-Man's been futuristic with new suits and so on. But if you gota fan fic it, I can't stop ya, and wont. But Instead of Johnny Storm , Id have it be the Thing, I can see him being in the long run, all crumbly and old

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old logan and baby/young hulk walk the earth wolf and cub style , someone worthy to wield mjolnir at hammer falls or logan's adventures before becoming the hooded man and joining that future FF could work. or a hooded man solo.

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Not really the point of Old Man Logan as I saw it. The point was "The world's gone to ****. There's no heroes. No hope. The villains are in charge and there's nothing anyone can do about it except live with it."

Instead of copping out with having some really old heroes hopping around, I'd have the descendants instead. Put it around 18 to 20 years after the end of Old Man Logan. Banner Jr. is around Skaar's age and appearance when he's Hulked out. And temperment. Logan's gotten back into shape since he's been hiding out all these years training Banner Jr. Logan travels to Africa, where the new Man-Ape is doing battle against the maelstrom of screeching white noise that Klaww has become. Man-Ape is attempting to use the last remaining Vibranium resources to channel Klaww into a weapon. However, they're both being hindered by what has only been described as some kind of devil that brings storms. Logan tracks this devil down, behold, son of Nightcrawler and Storm. When the X-Men were taken out by Wolverine, Nightcrawler teleported Storm to Wakanda to keep her safe. The effort killed him, but Black Panther managed to hide Storm before Man-Ape killed him. She raised the child, before dying herself. Recruits the kid to his New Avengers, kid calls himself Hellstorm, or something. Next, Wolverine travels to Russia, which, along with most of Europe, is being battled over in an eternal war by malfunctioning Doombots. Each believes itself to be the real Doctor Doom, and acts accordingly against the 'imposters'. Wolverine attempts to raid Doom's castle, only to find Valeria there in Doctor Doom's armor. While her parents, brother, and uncles were killed, Doctor Doom saved her out of his personal affection for her. Raised her to be his heir, and when she came of age, as vengeance for her parents, she hacked his Doombots to kill him, and then sent them out over Europe to kill all supervillains, keeping anyone from reclaiming the area with the war. Wolverine recruits her, and she fulfills the brains.

... Y'know I really could go on, but I should have stopped already. This is way to big a rant as it is. My apologies.

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