How can you destroy adamantium?

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Sorry if a similar story has been made.

In an age of apocalypse story Cyclops' optic blast destroyed Wolverine's arm completely when Logan clawed out his eye. He know Thor's hammer had dented Adamantium before as well.

Outside of matter manipulation or reality warping how can adamantium be destroyed?

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@soduh2: Thor used to crush adamantium with his bare hands.

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anti-metal vibranium/dargonite

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You can always melt it

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Hulk can crush it.

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#6 Posted by tylertothemax (111 posts) - - Show Bio

@soduh2: And heres Magneto pulling it out of Wolverine

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If you can melt it then at what temperatures? And what levels of super strength can crush it?

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#8 Posted by LipstickZombie (101 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not sure if you can destroy it, but I did read this one comic where there was a woman who had the power to change the form of it. Adamantium 9 nearly killed Wolverine.

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