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At the request of Yukio Wolverine arrives at a restaurant in Japan. Yukio has come into possession of a jeweled jade necklace that is over 600 years old (Logan guesses that it is from the Muromachi perilod). Yukio had stolent it on a tip from a temple full of Buddhist monks, knowing almost nothing about the piece and panics when she begins hearing voices. The pair travels to visit Kenichiro, an old friend who is experienced in the ways of ancient Japanese magics and artifacts who may be able to tell the two what they have.

Ken is pleased to see his old friend, but is horrified at the site of the necklace which he identifies as the Mark of Mana. Before Ken can send the pair away for the time being they are interrupted by a group of armed monks. The three are all expert fighters and are able to dispatch the monks quickly, but not before one slices through Kenichiro's chest. As the two turn to leave Logan grabs the necklace and is hit with an image of demons, temples, and a pair of dueling twin girls. Carefully wrapping the Mark in a piece of cloth Logan sets off angrily to find out the secret of the Mark of Mana and avenge his friend's death.

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