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Review: Wolverine Origins #50 0

After stabbing Nick Fury in the chest, Wolverine confronts the ghosts of his past loves and comes to some kind of peace with the demons that have haunted him all his life.  The Good Conrad's got a great weight and curve to his work here that reminds me a lot of Claudio Castellini, in a good way. There's real sense of depth to these detailed compositions. As the final issue of this series, it fits thematically that Wolverine would come to some sort of peace with the memories he's been recounti...

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Farewell origins 0

   The final issue of origins hit this week and fans were clammouring to get their hands on it. I was one of these clamouring fans. Well, mmm, it's the final issue of wolverine origins, nuff said. If you been following the story then you know what's been going. Through the constant fights with Daken, Omega Red, Sabrtooth, and his own sanity, it's finally concluded.   Issue 49 ended with him shanking nick fury, picking up from there he patched up ol' fury and has a pow wow with him. He comes to p...

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Wolverine origins - The end of an adventure 0

Wolverine has faced his demons for a long, long time. And now in this issue we see finally how he will finally deal with them. Despite of this series having some horrible concepts like romulus, he have some good ones as turning the things darker and adding his son Daken. So after all this issue show us that wolverine has changed inside and now he looks forward to new times. The art is really good and is perfect for wolverine....

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finally a finale 0

Wolverine: Orgins #50. The only thing i can say is that this issue is as good as the rest. Unfortunately that isnt saying much. From issue 1 Daniel Way has written of Wolverine's past and present and introduced his future his son Daken. Way's characterization of Wolverine is not only uneven but varies depending on whether he is in a scene with his son. Way's Wolverine is whiny sometimes weak and full of doubt. Wolverine has never been written this way in comics (possibly some fan fic but thats p...

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