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Wolverine races to stop Daken from undergoing the procedure that will turn him into the ultimate weapon! But will saving his son’s life cost him his own? Nothing lasts forever…

Wolverine desperately tries to find Daken by following his faint scent. The Tinkerer discusses his plans of transforming Daken with him, telling him that he might die in the process. He tells Daken that he has to use his claws very carefully because if they shatter the shrapnel could kill him. Then he starts with the operation.

Meanwhile, Wolverine chases through the city and is shortly stopped by Victor. The fight is interrupted by a cop who luckily survives the encounter. Victor continues to stand in his way but finally Wolverine reaches the Tinkerer, seeing that the operation is already finished. Daken confronts him with his new claws, ready to kill Romulus but when his father tells him that he let him go, Daken stabes Wolverine in the chest.

5 days later: Wolverine is in Russia, revealing that Daken held his blades back and didn't kill him. He sees that Daken has taken his place within the Dark Avengers and makes clear that his main goal now is Romulus, who in the end arrives at a high security prison.

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