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Wolverine and Angel are trying to secure money from Angel's own Worthington Industries to help keep the Jean Grey School open. Meanwhile, Beast takes the students on the most unique field trip ever. And Kitty, well she's got some real trouble brewing.

Five issues in and you'd expect the series to drop at least a little in expectations this far in. Not the case for Jason Aaron. He continues to impress and entertain with each issue. The comic continues to make me laugh out loud, keep me entertained, and make me love and care about this huge cast of oddball characters. More than half the characters are students that are either new or have been around but I've never heard of before. It doesn't matter though, because I love them all. There's not one character that I don't care about. Even background characters like Toad the janitor are awesome! Aaron has to be the best writer in the business today for doing what he does with this comic. This is just another great issue and the opening part of what looks to be another great story arc.

Nick Bradshaw does the drawing duties again and while I prefer Chris Bachalds art, Nick does another fine job. Nothing really stands out but nothing is awful about it either.

I can't do this review without mentioning the class field trip that Beast takes the students on. It's totally original and hilarious as all get and totally over the top, but it fits perfectly into this wonderful universe Aaron has created. If all this was real, I could see the students acting and talking like they do on this field trip. It's remarkable.

Seriously, anyone that likes or collects comics HAS to be getting this series. Or if you've ever wanted to go to Hogwarts School, this school is even better. It's fascinating and it doesn't look like the greatness is going to end any time soon. Humor, action, fantasy like adventure, and the best cast of characters in the comic world today, this is THE comic series above all others.

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