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Jubilee is Back!

Now that the former X-Men Mutant has lost her powers and has been infected with the vampire virus, how will Jubilee deal with her new identity? How will she repress her thirst for blood? 

The Good

I want to start off by saying that I am not a fan of vampire story-lines-  particularly considering the recent influx in the number of vampires and vampire themed stories in a variety of different mediums (thanks Twilight).  However, the recent development at the end of the Curse of the Mutants arc where Jubilee became a vampire is kind of brilliant. Not only is this an opportunity for Marvel to bring Jubilee back to the forefront and take her character in an entirely new direction, it has also opened the door to further explore her relationship with Wolverine. We see that from the very first issue of the four part mini series, Wolverine has the tendency of looking at Jubilee as his daughter and has the habit of feeling somewhat responsible for whatever bad things happen to her; even they are caused by external forces outside of his control.

This issue opens with Jubilee quarantined on Utopia, her thirst for blood contained by a somewhat unreliable treatment being delivered by Dr. Rao. After pleading with Rao, Scott and Emma to let Jubilee out of quarantine; Wolverine promises to look after the former young Mutant. 
I do not want to give the story away, but this issue is amazing. The characterizations of Wolverine and Jubilee are fantastic, and it was a lot of fun getting a quick glimpse at Pixie, too! Jubilee is definitely suffering, and extremely confused. No longer a mutant, she feels exiled by those she once called family and is struggling to come to terms with her new identity as a vampire. The art in this issue is perfect- Phil Noto captures the emotions of the characters really well.

The Bad

When a comic is this good, how can I complain?  

The Verdict

Jubilee is changing, and her vampire thirst is being written incredibly well. This is a stellar first issue and I definitely recommend it. I think that Jubilee fans will be pleased. 

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