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Don’t miss out! Sabretooth and Wolverine come to blows (and scratches), in a drag-out, no holds barred battle to the death. Wolvie may have gone too far, even by his own standards!

Wolverine arrives at the X-Mansion only to find Sabretooth a reluctant guest of the X-Men and patient of Charles Xavier who plans on curing Creed of his animal psychotic rages. Wolverine standing outside Creed's cell watching him sitting down watching T.V. Creed immediately response to his presence and lunges at Wolverine hoping to claw him only to be stopped by a high tech energy force-field capable of stopping a full grown enraged elephant. Wolverine stares at Creed as he falls to the ground his body smoking and recovering from the failed attempt to get past the force-field.

Wolverine walks away ignoring Creed while Creed shouts at Wolverine hoping to goat him, Logan is alone in the house attempts to distract himself from his unwanted guest from working out, eating and showering and finally with sleep. Wolverine while sleeping relives what Sabretooth had told him prior in the day and wakes up to the realization of what Sabretooth was actually planning.

Creed downstairs in his holding cell confident that Logan is asleep charges at the Force-Field one last time having gauged its power and deaden himself to the pain he crashes through the field only to realize while recovering that Wolverine is waiting for him with technological handcuffs and mocking him. Creed angered thinking that Wolverine had been waiting the whole time for his escape attempt so that Wolverine can simply walk in and beat him. Enraged at the thought Sabretooth attacks Wolverine both attacking each other in a feral slash fest where Logan manages to regain the advantage and slams Creed's face into a wall and pops to claws under his chin. Wolverine struggling to maintain control of his rage holds back the final claw, Sabretooth continuing to goat Wolverine yelling at Wolverine to kill him or if he does not he will go after his friends and family. Wolverine having heard enough and enraged about the lewd comments Sabretooth had made over Jean, Jubilee and Shadowcat finally snaps and pops the middle claw into Sabretooth brain.

The story ends with a panel of Sabretooth's eye and shock.

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