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In the final showdown with the X-Men, Wolverine will fight a battle on two fronts. Inside his own head, Logan makes his last desperate stand against the demon hordes looking to burn his psyche to the ground. While outside, it's demon-Wolverine in a fierce battle with Cyclops! Can Logan survive both engagements? And if he does, will he ever be the same? Find out here!

Inside Wolverine's mind, Wolverine battles the demons that have possessed him, with the assistance of close friends Melita Garner, Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. Outside, the remaining X-Men try to hold Wolverine's possessed and rampaging body at bay without killing him until their allies inside his mind can be evacuated (the majority of this assault coming from Storm, Fantomex and Dr. Nemesis).

In the midst of the battle inside Wolverine, his living allies get to explore regions of his mind that expose secrets concerning women he's had sexual fantasies about, X-Men he's had sex with, how he cheats at cards and, in actual seriousness, some of his hopes and dreams.

When Jean Grey arrives on the scene, she swiftly evacuates Wolverine's still-living allies before helping him give the final push to exorcise the demons; making him have to finally "give her up" in the process. Jean's assistance and one last region of Logan's mind, a door labeled "people to kill before I die" wind up being the deciding factors in giving him the strength for the final push towards salvation.

In the issue's wrapup, Logan visits the injured Colossus (wordless cameo) before heading off solo to begin the next storyline, wherein he will be seeking revenge upon those who put the demons inside him; starting with Mystique.

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