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Nice start, weak finish

I always like war stories from Wolverine's past. Something about him on a battlefield with normal humans gets me excited. Just when the funs about to start...we're present day with him beating up ninjas in Japan, which apparently is the only thing he does there. Then theres some blue chick hes making out with. Jesus, Wolverine just gets weirder and weirder. Later hes fighting some samuri dude in adamantium body armor so Wolverine grabs a gun and shoots at him but then comes the big twist in the story. That samuri from...the matrix. He dodges the bullets and puts a bomb in Wolverines mouth. WHY? Because no ones ever done that before. Or have they? Anyway the big cliffhanger is that Wolverine is now brain dead which is the way I feel now after reading this twice.

The artwork is okay. Its hit or miss. The writing isn't terrible either but it just doesn't compare to the past six issues which I loved. Where we go from here? I don't know. But somehow someway they have got to undo Wolverine retardation.

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