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Wolverine and Sabretooth’s stalemate is about to end. For real. The key to victory is eons old, and one of them is about to find it. It’s gonna be bloody.

Insomnia: Evolution Chapter 4

Wolverine has a vision of being in ancient Rome, being a gladiator and killing Sabertooth in a death match. He is then brought back to Wakanda, where Storm and Black Panther explain that they have a theory the Wolverine, Sabertooth and several other mutants might be evolved from wolves instead of apes. Wolverine doesn't want to hear any of this and storms off, to talk to Sabertooth who is chained in the dungeon. This conversation seems fruitless until Wolverine asks about Romulus. This name scares Sabertooth but he won't say anymore.

That night Wolverine has a nightmare about the first time he met Victor Creed, and how he was stopped by a mysterious man from killing Creed that first night. This wakes Wolverine up and he searches for beer. He quickly discovers that Sabertooth escaped, but when he follows the trail he is ambushed by Wildchild, and knocked unconiuos.

Wolverine is found by Black Panther who takes him back to the palace where he wakes up surrounded by Wolfsbane, Sasquatch, Thornn and Feral.

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