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An unsurprising lack of substance

At first, I was looking forward to this issue, seeing as it was being handled by the same creators who were responsible for Sabretooth’s death, then I actually read the issue--and nothing happens. Then again, given that it’s written by Jeph Loeb, this should come as no surprise. He needs to stick to doing Batman stories, but I digress. It falls back into the same old same old feel for Wolverine related “intrigue” that we’ve been reading since the 80s. It’s a shame because the art is gorgeous and Bianchi has definitely stepped his game up, but it’s wasted on a stagnant, congealed story idea that’s completely uninspiring.

For those that are new to the series or fairly recent Wolverine events for that matter, they’re left wondering who the heck is this Romulus (who should be killed off and stay dead, imo, so much, in fact, that I won’t even tie a link to his name)? For those who know who he is you’re left wondering, how was he taken out so easily by some unknown character as it seems he was literally knocked out of the story. This issue also has a feel that it’ll focus too much on Wolverine rather than on Sabretooth, which is disheartening. Yes, I know the series is named after Wolvie but I want to see some kind of justice done for Creed and don’t foresee it happening here. Given that I read a bit of 90s X-Men it was moments like a scene in X-Men Vol 2 #6 that really made Sabretooth stand out to me. In a particular scene, Sabretooth slashes a captured Gambit with his claws, tastes some of the Cajun’s blood, and says, “Yum. Spicier than I remember.” That made me love the character. Give me more of this in this series and I, and other potential readers, will be a little happier.

This book is pretty, but I can’t recommend it as a must read as there’s no substance to it. You can find a variety of other books that have comparably good art and much better writing, albeit that wouldn’t take much to do. 1/5 because of the art. I may, give the next issue a read to just to give it the benefit of a doubt, but I’m not holding my breath and neither should you. Don’t buy this unless you see it in the back issue section of your LCS for a quarter. And even after that, don’t bother to bag and board it. Use it as a coaster or for scrap paper.

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