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Faces of the Past

The Story - As Logan´s soul is trapped in hell and he is being subject to all kind of tortures from the Devil himself, Mistique and Melita Garner are trying to get some help for Logan: they´ve tried Yukio, but didn´t work so well for her, so in an unexpected way enter the Ghost Riders (Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze) with Satan´s son himself, Daimon Hellstorm. That should do it. And in hell Puck has allied himself with a mysterious person to help Logan too.
The Writing - By far this is the best work of Jason Aaron with Wolverine: he makes Wolverine go through the worst time of his life and yet he stills manage to captured what Logan is all about, rage, fierce, raw power, strong character but at the same time caring, honored and a nice person (even in hell). The truth is that Aaron´s narrative and dialogues are pure adrenaline and I just can´t stop reading it!!! His Devil is very cruel and the way he says things to Logan makes me wonder that when Wolverine gets free, Satan is going to suffer a lot, that´s a bet. Some excerpts (just a taste) to ilustrate this amazing issue:
Page 1) Thoughts box - There´s no sun down here. No sky at all. Nothing to orient yourself by. Nothing to mark the passage of time. I have no idea how long I´ve been here. Hours. Days. Years. I´m not sure those words even have meaning for me anymore. Still got what looks like flesh, but there´s no heart beating in my chest. No air in my lungs. The bllod in my veins is cold and dead. Yet I still feel hunger. Still thirst. Still long for a sleep I know will never come. Still hurt. That´s all you ever really do in this place. You hurt"
Page 4) Devil speaking to Logan - "I would also  accept a heartfelt scream of agony. Either that or we may continue. I have no shortage of eager combatants for you to face. You were a busy one in life after all, weren´t you, you hairy little lump of mucus. You always did your part to keep us well-stocked with souls down here, and for that I assure you I am eternally grateful. What say you, scum? Are you ready to meet more of these admirers of yours, or shall we find some other use for you?" 
Logan to Devil - "What do you think? Keep ´em comin, bub"
The plot is very interesting, the ideas are great, and I´m looking foward to next issue, to see more of Logan in hell and to discover who´s in control of his body - also the Ghost Riders and Puck were great.

The Art - Renato Guedes just keeps in amazing me with his art: you get ninjas, Hand, Hydra, gangters, chinese/vietnamese, Xorn, Cypher, Omega Red, a pit full of demons, Sabretooth, Devil himself and a struggling Logan on the edge of a complete breakdown. All beautiful art. I´m going to be honest, in the beggining I didn´t like Logan´s claw, I´ve said to myself: "Come on Renato, those claws are horrible, looking like bones!!" and in the next page Logan himself tells that "My wounds aren´t healing as fast as usual. My claws are bones. No adamantium. No powers". That was completely awesome!
The Verdict - This is a must have, I would kill for this issue, so Pick it Up and keep it far away from kids
5 out 5

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