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This is it! The final confrontation between Ba’al and Wolverine!

On the way to the prince’s castle, Archie Corrigan, Captain Tai, Patch (in his Madripoor disguise of Wolverine) and O’Donnell are ambushed by the followers of Ba’al. Patch tricks the vampires into dragging him into the woods, where he can dispose of them quickly, and separate from the group so he can make it to the castle quicker. In the castle, Jessica Drew is trying to explain to the Prince of Madripoor how dangerous his “guest,” Ba’al, is. However, the prince disbelieves her story, especially once Ba’al offers the prince immortality in payment of the last gem. In the streets of Madripoor, Burt is doing all he can to figure out where Jessica has gone. After one of the residents of Madripoor tells him that the prince knows all, Burt makes his way over there directly. Back in the castle, the Prince has decided that he will make his decision tomorrow. Ba’al doesn’t like that and tells him that he has to make a decision now. The prince loses his temper and orders Ba’al out of the castle. Ba’al resists and is surrounded by Johann and the prince’s guards. Ba’al knows where the gem is hiding and shoves his hand into Johann’s throat, pulling the final piece out!! A melee then breaks out between Ba’al’s followers and the prince’s guards. At that very moment, Wolverine shows up and starts to make his way through all of the “vampires.” He makes it to Ba’al, who has now put the last gem into the stone. He now has ultimate power and, with it, transforms all of his followers into real vampires. As Jessica and the prince battle with Ba’al’s followers, Wolverine and Ba’al tangle in an epic struggle. Ba’al is able to gain the upper hand and is just about to deliver the final blow to Wolverine, when Burt shows up and knocks the stone out of Ba’al’s hand. In the race to get the stone, Ba’al wins, but Wolverine summons an inner, spiritual strength to counter’s Ba’al’s evil and is able to slash the stone into a million pieces. He then stabs Ba’al in the gut, as they tumble through the palace wall into the surrounding water. When they land, Ba'al is dead.

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