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Wolverine, Spiderman and Tara Curson( NYPD Lieutenant ) have arrived in the abandoned tunnels to track down a murderer. They run into Mole Man and his team of Subterraneans. Wolverine puts the blame on Mole Man and launches an attack.

Mole Man orders his subterraneans to subdue Spiderman and Tara. He then attacks wolverine, saying that people underestimate him by virtue of his size. Mole Man doesn’t give wolverine a chance to counter-attack, and uses his stick to keep him at bay. The subterraneans manage to take down Spiderman and Tara but only temporarily. Spiderman shakes them off while blasts them with her handgun. But suddenly, a bigger Subterranean catches hold of Tara. She screams out for help. Quite surprisingly, Mole Man comes to her aid. He knocks out the beast with a jolt of electricity and saves her. Then he orders his forces to end the conflict and prepares to talk to the heroes.

Mole Man asks the group why they have come down into his kingdom. Tara says that they are here to arrest him for murdering innocent people. Mole Man assures them that though his ultimate goal is world dominion, he has no intention of murdering innocents. He speaks of a greater danger which spells doom for his kingdom and the surface world alike. He says that these murderers are surface-dwellers and are aided by monstrous beasts and advanced weaponry. They too have taken refuge in the abandoned tunnels. Wolverine strikes a deal with Mole Man, telling him that he could lead them to these murderers and Wolverine’s group would leave his kingdom without a word. Mole Man agrees.

Mole Man takes them deeper into the tunnels and stops at a place, saying that they have arrived in the marauders’ area. With that he leaves. Wolverine’s group is suddenly surrounded by Morlocks, who hold hostage and tell the other two to accompany them peacefully. They meet a man named Carver, who says that they won’t leave ever again. Tara flashes out her gun but is knocked down by a morlock. Spiderman launches an attack on Carver but fails, while Wolverine is clobbered by a giant beast. Carver says that this beast named Fugue is behind all the murders, though unintentionally. Wolverine challenges him to a duel.

They start upon a rock outcrop surrounded by lava. Carver launches a sudden attack. Wolverine’s admantium claws have no effect on Carver’s hard skin. Abruptly, Carver flashes two claws on his hands and teies to throw wolverine over the edge. But Wolverine strikes his eye. Fugue sees his master’s plight and jumps towards Wolverine, but is knocked down with a mighty blow. Spiderman manages to web him from falling into the pit. A sudden earthquake shakes both the duelers off the ground. Carver manages to hold Wolverine’s feet but slips, taking Fugue with him. Mole Man comes out and guides the group out of the place, just before a massive landslide occurs.

Wolverine says that he isn’t sure whether Carver yet lives but adds that Tara should complete her investigation.

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