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Story opens with an alien escaping a prison planet and stealing an alien craft. The following scene shows Wolverine and Carol Danver in civilian clothes at the local bar playing a game of pool for drinks. Both Wolverine and Carol Danver reminisce their old adventures while playing the news reports show unknown mutant called Powerhouse who is rampaging through a U.N. building angry over the coming mutant summit discussion.

Wolverine hoping to prevent anymore mutant hostility leaves the bar changing into his uniform but stopped by Carol who wishes to go with him, Wolverine unwilling to go with her due to her still being drunk. Carol Danver convinces Wolverine to let her come along and flies Wolverine to the U.N. Building, still drunk Warbird drops Wolverine too early forcing Wolverine to engage powerhouse as he lands on top of her. Immediately engaging Powerhouse, Warbird begins to indiscriminately throw energy blast at Powerhouse who is still fighting Wolverine.

Wolverine is now forced to not only evade Powerhouse attacks but also Warbird who is drunk and causing just as much collateral damage as the person they are suppose to stop. Wolverine has to decide who is the bigger danger but thankfully the decision is taken from when Warbird decides to fistfight Powerhouse and is immediately knocked out due to being heavily drunk. Wolverine runs in to rescue Warbird and manages to knockout Powerhouse.

During the mist of battle an alien craft crash lands and possesses one of the curious human's who looked inside the crater blocks away from the battle. While Wolverine walks to check up on the unconscious Warbird a car comes barreling in and coming to a stop. Wolverine goes to investigate the situation and the slump over driver and is immediately possessed by the alien life form.

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