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Just end, please...

Well, this issue doesn't tread water so horrendously as the previous one did, but it still DRAGS.  More backstory from another member of the RRH who has never really been seen before, Wolverine squares off against Gunhawk, the last of the RRH's enforcers, and opens the door to their lair; TO BE CONTINUED.  Formulaic, to say the least.
As Wolverine has plowed through Gunhawk's gang, one or two members at a time, over the past four issues, it has gradually dawned on me how ridiculous it is for Wolverine to actually spend so much time with each of them.  For Wolverine, a character who is routinely depicted as able to plow through whole brigades of highly trained Hand Ninjas with little effort, for him to actually be challenged in taking down these misfit mercenaries one at a time just feels silly.  It feels like padding.  And it is.  This story has gone on too long.  Each issue of it has been more or less the same.  The prior issue may just as well have not existed at all.  What started off as a very strong, carefully constructed story has become very tedious,  Jason Aaron has woven a strong enough tapestry so that this story can be redeemed if its conclusion next issue is strong... but when it comes time to reread this story one day, I could just as well casually flip through issues 12-13 rather than actually read them in their entirety, and not be at a loss.

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