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Aaron's Wolverine success continues...

The structure of Wolverine #11 is strikingly similiar to the previous issue. Fortunately the end product is just as satisfying as issue #10. Writer Jason Aaron continues his "Wolverine's Revenge" storyline with Logan tearing through the compound of the mysterious Red Right Hand. He faces off against Shadow Stalker, a rather uninteresting villian who serves more as a speed bump in Wolverine's quest for vengeance. The battle gives the story the almost expected gritty violence you normally find in Wolverine books but overall it isn't all that entertaining. 

Thankfully the big fight isn't the focus of the issue. Instead it's another story told through a series of flashbacks that focuses on a Red Right Hand member and her beef with Wolverine. I love how Aaron doesn't completely make Wolverine out to be an innocent victim. There is a genuine feeling of sympathy towards this woman as we see how Wolverine has destroyed key areas of her past. It's a sad and depressing backstory that's made more effective by an interesting final page. 

Renato Guedes' art is fitting for this book. The current action sequences and especially the flashbacks look really good. Normally this style of art isn't my cup of tea but it works so well within the context of the story.  

Aaron still has this book on track. While I hope he doesn't continue much longer with the same structure to each issue, he's proven himself more than capable of writing great Wolverine stories. I'm certainly excited to see where this story goes next.

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