Wolf Dates For Wolfsbane!

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I love Wolfsbane a great deal, and I was appalled that Marvel had the nerve to turn her into a hypocrite and make her reject her baby, then try to cover it up by making her ice cream bullimic to the point of vomiting. And the fact they decided to impregnate her likely for the sole purpose of building things up so she'd become like her cruel father and her character/reputation would be utterly contaminated only makes it worse. As such, I'm going to, in this thread, act as if Wolfsbane was never impregnated, and line up a series of various fictional wolves from various fictional universes for her dating choices. Now, which one of these wolves do you think would be the best date for Miss Sinclair? Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga? White Fang from Jack London's novel White Fang? Sirius Black or Remus Lupin from Harry Potter? Tiger of the Wind or Grey Wolf from the Monster Rancher Anime? Garurumon from Digimon Adventure? Any one of the good guys among the male wolves in that novel(not the movie, the novel)Blood And Chocolate? Or is there some other wolf you think would be right for Rhane? Do well to note that if you don't like this sort of thing/thread, then just don't reply to it. Simple as that. But for those who do like it, what's your opinion? And why?

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Wolf from "The 10th Kingdom" !!!

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Funniest wolf character ever!

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