Is Wolfsbane meaner and nastier than she lets on?

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I mean, think about it. Yes, she's a devout Catholic, and yes, she's a loyal comrade. But despite that and being a heroine, let's face it. Under that faithfulness and religious piety, she has more than her share of vices and moments of less-than-kind behavior. For instance, there have been times when she lashes out at others, even her comrades, and loses her temper, which seems to be quite short. Having been damaged so badly by her prick of a father, it should be no surprise she seems much angrier than the average devout Catholic, not to mention angrier than the average heroine, mutant or otherwise. Hell, once, when Sabretooth threatened Moria McTaggert, Rhane went from human form to hybrid form and exploded that if he so much as put a hand on her, well, she didn't finish the sentence, but it's pretty clear she was intending to say something real fucking nasty. And Creed, despite being an arrogant, monstrous, sadistic motherfucker who takes great joy in his victims' pain and thinks no one is his superior, was impressed by how vicious Wolfsbane was being and admitted she had more spunk than he gave her credit for, and he was wrong to figure her as some kind of wimp. As if that were not enough, Wolfsbane once even went so far as to lash out at her THERAPIST, and if you can't trust your head shrinker, who can you trust? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Between that and a few deplorable stunts she's pulled despite being one of the good guys(such as her attack on Cloak and Dagger and theft of their powers, murdering a Trans-Sabal man, trying to continue a sexual relation with Elixir, someone too young for her and tearing off the wings of Angel before eviscerating X-23), not to mention how she occassionally gloats about winning a fight and sometimes growls at her comrades in a hostile way, I can't help but wonder. Yes, she's a great character, yes, I am a fan of hers and yes, she is good to read about, but do you think there's any chance Wolfsbane is much meaner, tougher, crueller, darker and more vicious than she appears to be most of the time?

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Well, it is based on her power. You know that she feels free whenever she goes into wolf form and it makes her aggressive and dulls her intelligence. So, she acts like a wolf kind of. Y'know, like a werewolf. It's like she has two spirits even though she is the same person. BTW, she is not Catholic, she is a devout Protestant (Scots Presbyterian). About the Moira thing, that is her foster mom, the woman who cared for her and Sabretooth is psychotic and would kill someone without remorse, so yeah. About that Cloak and Dagger thing, she was influenced by a drug. The Trans-Sabal thing, the man killed his sister out of anger because she freed Wolfsbane. She felt bad for that because she says she is going to burn in Hell. About the Elixir thing, maybe she was happy because he got her powers back. About the Angel and X-23 thing, she was brainwashed, she could not help herself and control herself. I mean, due to the brainwashing, she ate her dad. Her emotions can have an effect on her powers. That can lead to lack of self-control. Like that one time, she threw Shatterstar out of the window because he was with Rictor. She was just angry and surprised at the fact that Rictor is with Shatterstar. Oh yeah, I thought it was weird that Rahne has sex before marriage. Considering how devout she is, I just thought this was a plot hole. Oh well, they have to make things interesting like her and Rictor having sex which led to him believing he was the father of the child. Well, her having sex with Hrimhari does not bother me that much, because to me, that is true love. And the whole half-mutant, half-god, demigod arc was interesting. She has had times where she is violent and slashed people open but isn't a majority of a lot of superheroes, like Sunspot who was aggressive to Cannonball over a soccer game and he pushed him down. Well she did have a bad life before her powers manifested (just like a majority of every comic book superhero) and it affected her mentally and emotionally, for example, she cannot grow her hair longer than a crop top. Also, her first boyfriend, Cypher, died and when he came back to life sort of, that affected her too, because she thought it was her fault that he died.

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Probably when Peter David writes Wolfsbane. At times, there are different writers who have their own interpretation of a particular character.

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Rahne is probably one of the toughest characters out there. Her life has been absolute hell and yet she's still fighting for what's right and she hasn't compeltely lost hope. She has never been mean or cruel and 99% of her "bad" behavior has been due to external factors beyond her control. ex: brainwashing, drugs, abuse....etc.

She was horribly abused and traumatized as a child and sometimes has emotional issues (temper) because of it. People seem to want, or expect her to be perfect because she's Christian, but we're not perfect and she's still human, with problems. Ultimatekey pretty much nailed it, except that she NEVER had a sexual relationship with Josh. Also, she was 19, he was 16 at the time....Marvel's "floating timeline" can be confusing, and the younger readers seem to think shes a dirty, 35 year old woman stalking a child. This relationship became inapproriate once she became an instuctor. Quite frankly, I don't see the point in this story, it didn't do anything positive for Rahne, Josh, or Dani and if they wanted an excuse to move her to X-Factor, they could have done it without assassinating her character. Yes, I know I'm biased, but she had already learned to control the wolf years before, am I supposed to believe she just "forgot" how to be Wolfsbane after a few months of being depowered and then just lost her mind over Josh? ummm NO.

As to the trans Sabal man, she was still suffering from the Genoshan Mutate bonding process which had basically turned her into a living weapon and warped her body and her mind to the point she wasn't really in control of herself. Havok knew something was wrong, but did nothing and even Moia didn't come to check on her after she had been freed. Mother of the year, let me tell you.....I never did understand that. Someone once commented that her faith had failed her....I disagree, people have failed her and its led to alot of her issues.

I have to agree with Ultimatekey again, the relationship with Rictor was forced and unconvincing. Rahne has always had way too much self respect to sleep with someone just because she "felt sorry" for them; she had never been written that way before. Her relationship with Hrimhari was more in line with her character, as they obviously wanted to spend their lives together, but I think theres a rule at Marvel that Wolfsbane can never be happy. Don't believe me, well: Biological mother died in child birth, father abused her for 14 years, chased by a mob and shot when she manifested, abandoned by Professor X along with classmates, killed and brought back by Beyonder as a form of physical and psychological torture, first BF killed by Animus, unable to save Warlock (only one of New Mutants who even tried), turned into a mutate by Hodge and forced to fight X-Men, left unable to change to human form and no one would help her, mother murdered in front of her, depowered, beaten up and mugged while depowered, abandoned by Dani, traumatized by Damien Tryp, captured and brainwashed trying to save her father from himself, forced to hurt friends, lover and father of her child lost to Hela, tortured by memories of killing father, son murdered in front of her.....with the exception of X-23 I can't think of anyone who's had a worse time.

No one can go through all that and not have a few issues, but she is still a strong, very good character who I hope won't be put on the shelf anytime soon. I don't know about the rest of her fans, but thats one of the things I admire about her, she won't take the worlds abuse, she keeps fighting when no one could really blame her for giving up.

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