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Cro-Magnon Wolfe
Cro-Magnon Wolfe
In prehistoric times, two Cro-Magnon men  fought over a woman and unleashed unprecedented powers and strength on each other, possibly becoming the first two superpowered beings on Earth. Their fight destroyed everything around them and ended in a stalemate. The two exhausted men simply parted ways. One of them was Wolfe, and the other was Christian Walker. Wolfe was clearly the aggressor of their conflict, which was something he would continue to be as the many years carried on.
In time, Wolfe would transform and evolve into the form of a human being, but he would not age. He walked the Earth as an immortal and came to proudly think of himself as a god or demon.


Wolfe was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming in the first story arc of their creator-owned Powers series. His appearance was a minor one, and the history of Wolfe and just how notable he was to the main protagonist, Christian Walker, was not revealed until the final story arc of the first Powers volume. 

Major Story Arcs 


Wolfe kills Walker's wife
Wolfe kills Walker's wife
Throughout human history, Wolfe hunted down and fought Christian Walker in pursuit of an age-old vendetta against him. Wolfe seemed able to remember his life far more clearly than Walker could, allowing him to surprise Walker who sometimes did not even remember who Wolfe was. 
In ancient human civilization, Wolfe killed one of the earliest incarnations of Retro Girl and fought Walker, who was known as the mighty Gora at the time. Millennia later, he burned down the Chinese temple Walker had studied at for decades. In the 1930s, he brutally murdered Walker's wife in Chicago. There were likely many other times he clashed with Walker, who could not remember it. Wolfe remembered and always sought Walker out again. 
Wolfe later confronted Walker during his nemesis' time as the superhero Diamond., but this time, Walker remembered Wolfe. Their fight was brutal and seemed ready to end in the usual stalemate. Walker refused to let that happen, though. He dragged Wolfe to the lab of Triphammer, who had recently finished a prototype power drainer. Turning the device on, both Wolfe and Walker were suddenly without their powers. Wolfe was brutally beaten by the physically superior Walker and thrown into the power drainer, causing an explosion that made their power loss permanent. 

Who Killed Retro Girl? 

Wolfe's unstable power
Wolfe's unstable power
After the murder of the modern day Retro Girl, Detectives Walker and Deena Pilgrim visited Wolfe in prison to question him. He taunted them with the fact that they had no real leads if they came to question him. They left empty-handed, but Wolfe soon realized something. His power was returning. Years under the constant glow of a power drainer had done something to him. 
He tore his way out of prison and headed straight for Walker's apartment building to continue their feud. However, he quickly realized something was not right. His returned power was terribly unstable, and he was dying. In his confrontation with Walker, he asked for forgiveness, but Walker refused him. So with his last burst of energy, he tried to take Walker with him into death. He died in the explosion, but Walker survived.

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