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 Engaging Darth Stryfe
Engaging Darth Stryfe

Wolf Sazen is among the few survivors of the massacre at Ossus. He protected the Jedi younglings and Padawans long enough so they could escape but almost died in the process, having his arm was cut off and being stabbed through the chest by Darth Nihl. He was saved by Cade Skywalker, his own Padawan, that tapped into the dark side to heal him. Cade however fled afterwards to fight the Sith and Wolf went into hiding. It took several years before he and Cade would see each other again, it saddened him however that Cade had abandoned the Jedi ways and he wanted to steer him back to the way of the force.

Ultimately Cade accepted training by Wolf Sazen to help kill Darth Krayt who he blamed for his fathers death. After several adventures together, Wolf and Cade, along with a small strike team, took the battle to Darth Krayt. Wolf engaged in battle with one of the sith, Darth Stryfe, and managed to kill his opponent but not without losing his own life in battle as well. He became one with the force shortly after.

Lightsaber Skill

Wolf Sazen was an extremely skilled lightsaber duelist, surviving engagements with Sith, Yuuzhan Vong creatures, bounty hunters, Stormtroopers, and deadly creatures throughout his lifetime. As a young Jedi, he would defend the Jedi Temple from both Yuuzhan Vong creatures and Stormtroopers on different occasions. Years later, Wolf would also prove his skill by defeating multiple Sith on many occasions even though he only had one hand, his right one cut off by the Sith Lord Darth Nihl seven years prior. Despite this, Sazen would still be able to contend with powerful Sith Lords Darth Azard and Darth Stryfe. Although his preferred form(s) have never been stated, Sazen was most likely a practitioner of the Form V variant Shien and Form VI Niman. Shien is a form that was invented to defend against blasterfire while sending the bolts back at their source, works best when defending from multiple opponents, and is mainly identified by its reverse grip as opposed to the standard lightsaber grip. Wolf

Wolf Sazen utilizing Shien's reverse grip against enemy Sith.
Wolf Sazen utilizing Shien's reverse grip against enemy Sith.

has displayed elements of all of these in nearly every single fight of his, coming out victorious despite being outnumbered by many Sith, defeating multiple blaster wielding opponents, and using a reverse grip in every lightsaber fight before he replaced his severed hand.

Wolf also doesn't shy away from using telekinetic shoves in battle, which is the main component of the Niman style - integrating Force based attacks into your lightsaber sequence. Wolf has on many occasions incorporated a Force push, and even used the Pushing Slash technique against an enemy Sith on Daluuj, cutting off his arm and sending him away with a telekinetic shove. Wolf is primarily a Force user, and with Niman being the most balance Form of them all as well as its encouragement of Force-based attacks would be the perfect form for the Zabrak Jedi Master.

On top of being a highly skilled lightsaber duelist, Wolf is also skilled at unarmed combat. After picking up his former apprentice Cade Sywalker, Wolf would be able to hold his own in a fist fight with him, despite Skywalker being enraged and Wolf only having one arm at the time.

Force Powers

Wolf Sazen was very attuned to the Living Force, and thus received many Force Visions throughout his life, some of the future, and some detailing events surrounding his former apprentice Cade Skywalker. His most famous Vision was of a united Jedi Order behind a Skywalker, which came true when the Jedi Order united, teamed up Imperial Knights and the Galactic Alliance, and behind the efforts of Cade, saw the death of Darth Krayt and the disbandment of the One Sith.

Sazen was also skilled in the Force power Force Sense, able to sense the Sith Assassin Darth Talon despite the Sith Lord actively trying to mask her presence, as well as sense his apprentice Cade Skywalker's presence underneath the Jedi Temple as soon as Wolf neared the planet. He was so confident in his sensing abilities that he believed he would be able to sense his former apprentice's would-be death in the Force, no matter where he is.

Sazen was also very proficient in the use of Telekinesis, using it to push back both Sith and stormtroopers, as well as to defend himself from other telekinetically launched items.

At the time of his death, he transcended the physical plane and became one with the Force, leaving behind nothing but his clothes and lightsaber.

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