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One of his plans did not work and landed him in prison. There in prison he met Shark Norton, an Aquaman foe, and they decided to escape together. Sick and tired of their respective enemies, they also decided to switch vocations. Shark would try his lack as a land-based criminal and Wizard as a seafaring one. They were certain the heroes would not follow them. They were wrong .

Aquaman took it as a personal challenge. He and Speedy started developing bows and arrows which work underwater. Horace used a miniature sub for pirate activities while using a much larger ship as a hideout. He used an iceberg to keep this ship's location secret. However Green Arrow and Speedy were soon hot on his trail.

Wizard decided it was time to use the big guns. He managed to locate "a giant undersea lizard that breaths fire " and "was awoken from it's slumber by recent nuclear tests". ( In other words, a copy of Godzilla) He unleshead it against the archers. But Topo appeared and managed to drive the monster away. The human heroes were able to make short work of Wizard and his gang.

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