Gems in the Witchblade.

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Been a while since I read any witchblade comics and I was wondering what the different gems in it did and what powers do they have(if any).

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One of the gems was actually the Excalibur Ian Nottingham was wielding. Don't know about others was "bad gem" Kenneth Irons managed to get it close to Sara and then the witchblade kind of went nuts sometimes.

Edit: ok did some digging

In Witchblade #25 after Ian got the witchblade, Sara shoots off one of it's gems, she then gets the withcblade back, and now it's easier to control.


Then in Witchblade #31, witchblade gets another gem, planted by Kenneth Irons earlier, this gem was some enchanted gem that made witchblade controlling harder than before. I can't seem to find what happened with the gem on her balm, it kind of disappeared.

Then in Witchblade #75, when Sara defeats Ian Nottingham who has the "Excalibur", she realizes that it's one part of witchblade and retrieves it. I'm guessing it's the same gem she shot of the witchblade in issue #25.
whole again
whole again

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ok so the purpose of these gems are not only for balancing the witchblade itself but are created by the witchblade itself to keep whatever freewill it has intact?

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One of the gems became a storyline in the defunct Top Cow series Archanium

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O.O I didn`t know that the stones have any meaning . Do you guys know If the stones of the Darkness and Angelus have any meaning too ???

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