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Ms Boucher is talking to Julie about 'initiating' Lisa into their business, which sounds nefarious. The three of them walk into a strange party where sexily dressed women are indulging in some odd bondage activities with some tied up men.  
Sara and Nottingham are in Central Park in a kind of stand-off. He tries to talk to her, but she is confused and is secretly trying to think of a way to attack him. He reveals their shared dream. She confronts him about the Rialto and demands he explain his plan and how he arranged the kidnapping aboard the yacht (as she saw it), but he has already vanished. 
Becca and Jake travel together - she has evidence of Irons paying off cops. She knows that Irons and Nottingham work together. Jake is disbelieving, especially since he doesn't believe that Irons is over 90 years old. 
Sara gets back to her place and tries to figure out what the truth is about Irons and Nottingham. Just as she pondering this a woman appears at the door claiming to work for Irons, with a priceless necklace and dress for Sara to wear. She invites Sara to a charity event Irons is hosting. Jake spots her as she leaves to go.  
Sara makes an amazing entrance at the charity event and it all appears to go to her head - the dress, the luxury, the wealth.  
Suddenly Jake shows up and confronts Sara with Becca's photos in front of everyone. He tries to convince her Irons is the real bad guy behind everything and that she's in danger. Irons appears furious and drives off with Sara in his Rolls-Royce car. She is desperate to apologize for the intrusion.  
Back at the police station, Jake is furious at being blown off by Sara. Selzer winds him up about Irons, but Jake suspects he knows more about the whole thing. 
By now, Sara and Irons are back at the penthouse. He rages at her, supposedly for embarrassing him about the Rialto incident and damaging his public appearance. As he harangues her, some of the Witchblade's barbs shoot out and start to cut her skin. Knowing she's weak at this moment, Irons calls Nottingham to come out of hiding!

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