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Sara attends Michael's funeral - she's still thinking over his death, but at the same time her thoughts are dominated by the Witchblade. As she walks away to catch a cab, Jake stares after her while Selzer gives him a hard time about his obvious feelings for her. Sara ends up walking for blocks as she can't clear her head. She thinks about how she never got desensitized by working homicide - she still feels for the deceased murder victims. Stopping at a cafe she's surprised to see Kenneth Irons - he tries to express his sympathy for Michael's death, but Sara knows he's been following her. She confronts him about the incident with the yacht and Liberty Island. He reveals that he knows about the Witchblade, which shocks her, but he convinces her to come with him so he can show her more. Jake by now is trailing the two of them. Meanwhile Lisa is at Sara's apartment attempting to break in when Julie shows up and out of the blue offers Lisa the chance to go meet some models.

Sara and Irons arrive at his penthouse and she is awestruck. He explains how he learned about the Witchblade and shows her the historical figures who have wielded it in the past. He was the one who found it on a dig in Greece. But he also reveals he and Nottingham used to be associates - he tells her Nottingham wanted the Witchblade for himself. When he saw them fighting on Liberty Island, Irons simply wanted to save Sara, he says. He offers to help her deal with or remove the Witchblade. Nottingham is secretly watching the whole thing. Irons decides to let the moment pass and sends Sara away.

Next we see Jake again. Now he's doing some detective work on the microwave murders - he knows they're connected somehow. A news reporter 'Becca' shows up and tells him what she knows about the Rialto and Nottingham.

Sara walks off through Central Park, only to be attacked by Nottingham again. She tries to shoot him but he catches the bullets. He seems to want only to talk and pins her to the ground.

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