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The Gemini Parallel

A constantly Shifting border encircling the earth that leads to parallel realities that lie vibrations away from our own.  Numerous dimensions have been cataloged by scientists working at The Witchaven Institute.

The Witchaven Institute

A secret society organized in the early 20th century by professionals from both scientific and mystic trades.  The institute has developed a defense force to combat any threat that may stem from the Gemini Parallel.


Proprietary technology developed by Professor  Amadeus Grant and Geomancer Brol Yul Karn, merging science and Magic.  Used exclusively by Witchaven in the creation of the Wisp entity.  The limits of Necronetics have yet to be fully explored.  

Umbra Nation

A chaotic group who came to power on world A12, plunging their earth into a world entrenched in darkness.  Their level of technology matches our own, and have used it to invade our world, discreetly at first... 


It is unclear how much (if any part) of th techno-organic entity Wisp, code logged as VX-6, is human.  As a Necronetic construct, VX-6 was crafted to both travel, as well as, harness the energy of  the Gemini Parallel in conjunction of its primary function: defense.  In order to carry out its mission VX-6 is loaded with a great many enhancements, all functioning in conjunction to allow for containment: the trapping of another's anima so that it can be brought back to the Witchaven Institute for study, storage, and destruction as needed. 



Wisp is a live walking talking trap.  Through the use of specialized incantations, runes, & glyphs crafted within the Witchaven Institute Wisp can detach the anima from an entities from its physical being and encase it within Wisp's own geneticly modified body in order to return it to the institute.


The ability to manipulate technology. Where most Technopaths manifest a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, Wisp's abilities are seemingly rooted in the harnessed energies of the Gemini Parallel allowing for hybrid tech pulled from parallel realities.  Often times this tech is further infused with Magic. 


The harnessing and casting of Runic Magic


Further use of the Gemini Parallel allows Wisp to teleport to and from multiple points in a single parallel reality

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