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Wile E. Coyote is a super smart coyote that continually goes after a super fast road runner known simply as the Road Runner. Wile E. nearly always comes up with different schemes to catch the roadrunner, but they all fail (always involving devices he's bought from often the ACME corporation).

His plots do have a recurring theme however.


Such as attempting to fly, rocket boots, dropping something large onto the Road Runner such as an anvil or a piano, tricking the road runner into food ... or the classic "Get a paintbrush, paint a landscape on the side of large cliff and wait for Road Runner to smash into it" ... although for whatever reason, this never works, Road Runner generally just defies all physics and runs off into said landscape leaving Wile E. puzzled and making him run into the cliff himself only to be flattened and or have rocks fall on him.

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